Merging with 255 SWG - organizational changes

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Merging with 255 SWG - organizational changes

I've earlier requested your input regarding a possible merger with 255 SWG. I've taken all your inputs into consideration and decided to move forward with the merger.
This means that our main focus, in terms of recruitment, will be mainly centered around Arma 3 until we can add another tactical game to our roster. We'll still have the following servers available, running 24/7: Raven Shield, SWAT 4 and Ground Branch. Insurgency will be shut down, but is no further than a click away should we want to have a round of that.
Along with the merger the following organizational changes takes effect:
SAS_Fluffy is taking up the role of Captain
Luis takes up the role as Corporal alongside Bobby
Viking --> Trooper
Lekter --> Trooper
GCHQ consists now of DC, Fluffy and Master.
SAS_DeCapi --> LtCol
SAS_Rev --> WO2 (will assist as a website admin)
SAS_Carter --> WO2 (will assist with administrative duties besides playing)
We aim to have a regular game going every Saturday at 1600 UTC, starting 29 JUL 2017.
Considering our normal recruitment process, this way of allowing new members in, without the whole Selection Course process, is indeed “another way of doing it”. However, I believe our new members have the skills we look for. After all, they've been trained by no other than Fluffy!
I hope you welcome our newest members and help them into their new roles.
Welcome aboard to our new members, and welcome back to Fluffy!

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Regimental Sergeant Major
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Glad to see this has gone so

Glad to see this has gone so smoothly for everyone involved.


Welcome to our newest members! I'm sure everyone will be very welcoming and help in bringing you up to speed on your new roles and that from here on, we'll have some great quality games!

Welcome back, Fluffy! Congrats on the promotion!

Congrats Rev and Carter, I'm sure your administrative duties will be of great benefit to the clan on the 'paperwork' side of things.

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Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! It's good to be back here at SAS. I'm looking forward to expanding our Arma operations and in the future, should it come to be, some nice tactical rounds/expansion to Ground Branch, Ready or Not, or similar titles.

Regarding Arma 3, expect a post later today which lays out our path forward. Also stayed tuned for an announcement regarding our first training/small mission for next Saturday. Wink

A warm welcome to our other members, and I'm sure one of us can get you all acquainted with our CoH and other important information regarding the site.

Congratulations to Carter and Rev on assignment to the special action wing, I look forward to working with you in your administrative roles Biggrin


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Warrant Officer 2
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Welcome Lekter, Luis and

Welcome Lekter, Luis and Viking to SAS!

Enjoy your stay and ask us any question you may have!

Also, Thanks Fluffy, good to see you back Smile

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Congrats to Fluffy and the others who received a new rank. And good luck to all new members, I hope things work out for you here at SAS Smile

As stated before I intend to join one or the other Arma round open for friends (and show you how it's done Blum 3 ) .

@Fluffy: you should probably update your signature Wink


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Thank you everyone,  hopefully we'll spend many years together. I would like to announce that ive won my first battle as a member of SAS and I've beaten the evil mobile website side bar! Biggrin

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New Life has been breathed

New Life has been breathed into SAS 22nd EVR

Welcome to the Team!




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Big welcome to the new faces,

Big welcome to the new faces, welcome back to Fluffy and good luck to Rev and Carter with your new duties!

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