Welcome to the home of the Special Air Service 22nd Elite Virtual Regiment. Our [SAS] is based on the British Army's 22nd SAS Regiment. We are a group of fun­spirited, tactically­minded people playing some of the best tactical military games ever made.

At The Regiment, we make use of a disciplined ranking system combined with realistic use of training, tactics and weaponry to provide an immersive environment. The Regiment was created both by and for people who enjoy taking some well­deserved down­time from the real world while simultaneously developing camaraderie, having some good laughs and improving our game skills. 

The Vision

We have a long, hard­earned respect within the tactical co­op community which started with our first steps into SWAT 3 back in 2001. Over the years we have adapted games such as Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003), SWAT 4 (2005) and ARMA 3 (2015) to suit our playstyle.

We operate our own game servers which are tailored to provide the most realism possible while minimizing changes to the games themselves.

The SAS Proving Ground servers are our link to the outside world, here you will have a small taste of how our [SAS] operate using realistic tactics and teamwork. Feel free to join in our team efforts.

The SAS Training Ground servers are where our members and most trusted friends go to train and have some exceptionally realistic games making good use of our TeamSpeak server.

We are committed to realistic, co­operative game­play and to the continued growth of our organization based on a strong foundation of both quality training and great leadership at all levels. These two elements have been the keys to our success for more than a decade.

The History

The team was founded by [SAS] Smart on March 28th, 2001. A previous FSK member, he decided to found his own team. Smart had these remarks about the creation, “ …creating the team was not easy, and may have not gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for a guy who went by the name of [SAS]_One, who was the first person to darken the doorway of the [SAS] Recruitment room. With him as my right­hand man, the team grew and grew. I really owe a lot to this guy because he shared my vision and gave up a lot of his personal time to build the team. There are other people who made great contributions early on such as, Trig, Dact, Busta, and a few whose names I sadly have forgotten.”

Over the years, as you can imagine, there have been peaks and valleys. The role­play aspect has always been supported by the members and, at one point; we became the biggest and best co­op team on WON (the SWAT3 online network). This is where the term ‘The Mighty’ came from. After about a year of leading the team, Smart felt strongly that the team was heading in a direction that he, as leader, didn’t like and he felt unable to do anything about it. After much thought and deliberation, he decided that if the team continued to follow that route, it would cease to be [SAS]. He made the decision to disband the team rather than to see that happen. 

Once news got out, he was literally flooded with emails nearly demanding that this not occur. He was asked by the existing members to stay on as Founder and guide them until the team was up and running properly again. Smart, of course, accepted. 

So with the support of key members who still saw a future for the original SAS vision, he continued to supervise the team until he found a like­minded replacement. The replacement was one of these key members, [SAS] Trig. In a seamless transition, Trig did a great job of keeping things moving along the intended path, as have future leaders such as [SAS] Random, [SAS] Heim, [SAS] Shield, [SAS] WIZ and [SAS] DeCapi.

While many members have come and gone over the years, each have contributed to not only maintaining the [SAS] vision, but also to adapting it as circumstance dictates.

Join the Mighty

If you would like to be part of something special, and you believe you have the potential to perform at our level, please take a moment to submit an application located in the “About Us” section of our homepage under the Navigation bar.

Feel free to sign­up for our forum and make an introduction, or you could just pop in for a game or two in one of our public servers. We cordially invite you to help us see our vision through to its full potential, and become a part of a unique, elite team. We’ll see you on the servers!