Getting started with Arma 3 Multiplayer

Getting started with Arma 3

It can be difficult getting started with Arma 3. There are many mods and you can tweak a lot of settings. This page is still under development, but the goal is to show you how to get started and list some useful Arma 3 resources.


We use several mods on our TG so we've created a modset containing all the mods we use for easy download. To get started, see SAS_Fluffy's guide on Downloading the A3 Modset with A3Sync.

Configuring the Arma 3 mods

1) Move your Userconfig folder

Locate the folder named Userconfig in mod folder where you downloaded your mods to. Move the folder to the root of your Arma 3 directory.

2) Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE 2)

Usually you can install the TeamSpeak plugin using Arma3Sync. In case you have any troubles, you can visit the official site which contains a lot of info on installation as well on usage.


  • website with A3 mods (the ones we use are included in the modset mentioned above).
  • ACE3 Wiki: ACE is a mod that adds a new layer of realistic gameplay. It has many features, and this is a link to the ACE3 documentation so you can get an overview of its features and how to use them (ie. shortcuts).
  • Shack Tac Wiki: Interface mod that give you an overview of nearby team members.