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22nd SAS Elite Virtual Regiment

We want youWelcome to the home of the 22nd SAS Elite Virtual Regiment, which is based on the British Army's 22nd SAS Regiment. Just as the British SAS represent the spearhead of modern-day special operations teams, our virtual regiment is at the forefront of elite tactical gaming teams. Our SAS is a group of serious, tactical-minded gamers who enjoy turning off from the real world and playing tactical games in a virtual military environment. The experience we provide to our members includes the use of realistic weaponry, tactics, training and ranks. Of course, the main goals of the team are for our members to have good laugh, enjoy the camaraderie, improve our skills and play great games!

If you would like to be part of something special, and if you believe you have the potential to perform at our level, then please take a moment to submit an application form and spend some time with us online! We cover a variety of games, but we are centered around ARMA 3 (see a list here for the mods we use), but plays SWAT 4, Raven Shield from time to time. Since 2018 we also play/testing the Ground Branch that are EA on Steam. Join one of our Proving Ground servers to experience our unique style of gameplay. If you are of the calibre, you may be given access to the Training Ground servers.

Whether you simply head to the forums to make an introductory posting, or you jump right into the action on a Proving Ground or Training Ground, we look forward to meeting you! You are invited to help us continue to shape our vision!

Are you ready for the challenge?

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