Server Rules

  1. Recruiting by other clans, on [SAS] servers is not permitted. Anyone suspected of doing so will face an immediate Global ban, and their IP and account will be banned from this website.
  2. Respect and be polite to all players. Do not use foul language.
  3. There is no excuse for injuring or killing team mates. Know your weapon, control it, and never aim at a team mate.
  4. Do not rush people to ready up.
  5. Do not spam the tactical map, V-Comms, or the chat channel, Go-Code "Zulu" is solely for tactical purposes, not for fun.
  6. Do not start vote kicks when [SAS] Officers or Soldiers are present, The [SAS] are perfectly capable of administrating their own servers.
  7. When no [SAS] Members are present, report any mis-conduct through our website.
  8. If going 'away' for a long time, please leave the server or enter spectator mode, we reserve the right to kick long term AFK-players.
  9. When an Element has a plan and mission -- do not interfere with it. We encourage all visitors to participate in our team efforts. Do not hesitate to ask to join an Element. For the benefit of yourself and the team: Read our Tactics section to learn more about team work.
  10. Obey orders from any [SAS] Member. If asked to stay out of the way, please do so.