Code of Honour

In order for everyone to enjoy being in the 22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment, it is important that we have and respect the rules. These rules are not here to spoil your fun, but to enhance it. The GCHQ is here to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. If you are found in breach of our guidelines, the COMMANDING OFFICER (CO) has the authority to take whatever steps necessary to preserve the experience for the remaining members. If you witness another member breaking our code, or feel that you have not been treated fairly, you can report the incident to any officer.

1. Your [SAS] Uniform Tag

This is your [SAS] name tag, e.g. SAS_CO_WIZ. Once you have joined our team, you must always wear your “uniform” whenever you are playing on any official [SAS] server. It is not permitted to go under any other name. This may sound overly strict, but the more visible our [SAS] uniforms are, the more people will take notice, and the stronger our reputation will become. Besides, your [SAS] uniform should be worn with pride – you’ve worked hard for it!

2. Commitment

2.1 In order to stay in the [SAS], all members must regularly play our official games and contribute in the forums. If there will be any extended periods of time where you know you will be unable come online, you must post a message in the forum explaining as best as you can why, and when, you expect to return. Failure to do so may result in your retirement, and/or the loss of your rank. – If you go AWOL for any length of time, you risk losing your rank!

2.2 All members, who have a specific duty to perform for the team, must be seen contributing in their area on a regular basis. If you believe you are unable, or will become unable, to do your job, let GCHQ know immediately.

3. Respect for Rank

Holding a high rank does not give you the right to treat the lower ranks badly. We are a team, and any member - regardless of rank - found being disrespectful to another member will be dealt with appropriately. That being said, ranks are awarded for hard work, skill, and dedication. Ranks must be respected. Displaying a disrespectful attitude to any rank will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Arguments will happen, as we're only human, but they should be conducted in a controlled environment away from the server, and out of the forums. If a member is found to have argued with a senior officer publicly, dismissal is likely to result! If there are disputes between commissioned officers, they must never take place in front of the troops!

4. Promotion

DO NOT ASK FOR PROMOTION. Your performance, attitude, and time online are always under scrutiny. We recognize good performers, and you will be promoted when GCHQ believes you are ready. It is STRICTLY forbidden to ask for or to talk about your possible promotion.

5. Other Clans

It is important that we respect other players and organizations. It is therefore a demotable, and potentially bannable, offense if any member is caught being disrespectful in any online server, forum or chat. If you are taunted, simply ignore it.

6. The [SAS] Servers

When in our game rooms, it is important that you treat all visitors with respect.

6.1 The public server is our link to the outside world. As such, our representation when playing should be one of best behavior.

6.2 Passwords are for [SAS] members only and not to be issued to non members. Exception is the friends password.

6.3 You must act responsibly with server access and not make changes to maps, game types, time limits, or etc, unless all players agree.

6.4 Remember to play the missions as though it is the first time you have played them. New players entering need to see how we play at [SAS].

6.5 All [SAS] members who join the server are free to join TeamSpeak when available.

6.6 When a [SAS] member needs to enter a full server, he should ask any [SAS] member that is currently playing to free a spot. This member must ask in-game players if someone wants to leave his spot. If he can't find a volunteer, kick the last non [SAS] member who joined the server.

6.7 Before kicking any player from our server, he must be warned at least 2 times about his mistake. If after the 2nd warning he still not respecting [SAS] server rules, kick the player from the server.

6.8 We try not to use the ban command unless we have no other choice. Therefore, it is always preferable to kick the player as a warning. If after the kick, he still comes back to bother the server, you are allowed to ban the player from the server.

7. Confidentiality

It is not allowed to give information to anyone who is not authorized to receive that information.

8. Violations

[SAS] rules must be upheld. Violations of the CoH, disregarding official [SAS] Policies and Procedures or any other official directive will be sanctioned.