How many years?!

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How many years?!

Good lord.

Alright, so. Bought myself Ground Branch, because it seems right up my alley. Check the server browser and what do I see? "SAS Proving Ground 10". So I think to myself. "Hmm, that seems quite familiar, didn't I used to play SWAT 4 and R6 on th-" And then it clicked, the SAS clan, I used to play with you guys (and gals) a hell of a lot back in the day. I imagine we've all either grown up (or just gotten even older! crying)

So yes, blast from the past. I doubt many if any remember me at all. Not promising to become a super-active member of the community again, but I'm certainly looking forward to Ground Branch taking off more. I'm obsessed with perfecting my times in the kill house currently!


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Hello GeneralTrivium

Hello GeneralTrivium

I believe we used to play SWAT 4 back in the day Smile Always fun seing old friends dropping buy.

Ground Branch is making progress, slowly, but nice with some gameplay (it's been under development as long as I remember)...

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Welcome back I guess  and

Welcome back I guess laugh and happy hunting


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