Happy 18th Birthday from the founder.

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Happy 18th Birthday from the founder.

So I'm switching my annual Happy Birthday post from SAS Related Topics forum to Chit Chat since there's only been 6 posts since my previous Happy Birthday post last year.

I am proud that the SAS clan survived 18 years, but given the slow down in posts, I wonder if this may be the last time I have the privilege to wish you all Happy Birthday? Tell me it's not so! That said, I see most comms take place in Discord these days so I hope you're all still alive and kicking!  

Anyhoo, a slow down in activity here doesn't prevent me from posting my 18th happy birthday post on time as usual Biggrin

Happy Birthday guys and girls, and long live 'The Mighty' [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment!

As always, a massive *salute* to those who've carried the torch!

Lots of love, [SAS] Founder Smart (26 when I founded the clan, now 45) surprise

Colonel Smart (Retired)
SAS Clan Founder 

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Lieutenant Colonel
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Thanks Smart - always a

Thanks Smart - always a pleasure having you drop by. Things are indeed going very slow these days. Nevertheless we are still around I-m so happy

Commanding Officer

22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment

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Heya Smart, always good to

Heya Smart, always good to see you. Happy Birthday SAS! I rather think it’s not the last time, Master would kill us :p For now, simply an agreed upon break from ARMA while we see what becomes of Ready or Not, and if Ground Branch ever receives any actual development/progress. The forums are monitored, albeit infrequently by myself currently. Here’s to another one for the SAS! My salute to all members, past and present, and to you Smart.


"Let's just wing it" -Fluffy on things we should most definitely not wing

Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Sergeant Major
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Hey there Smart, nice of you

Hey there Smart, nice of you to drop by once more. Smile A belated happy 18th birthday to "The Mighty" 22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment and I'll be counting down the days to March 28th 2020 again.

Three cheers to our Founder and to all of our members and COs, both past and present.

Fluffy said it best.. things are slow but we're hoping Ground Branch and/or Ready Or Not re-ignite the fire.

SAS_Master - Regimental Sergeant Major


"He's trusting you to do your job which is to clear that corner! Nothing else!"

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Lance Corporal
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Hey there, Smart. Always nice

Hey there, Smart. Always nice to get birthday greetings from our one and only founder.

Fluffy and Master have covered the status of the team pretty well. We're just waiting for our Prince Charming to arrive (Harry apparently doesn't cut it :P).

I'd like to extend my birthday greetings to this wonderful team. We're finally legal now Smile


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Happy belated birthday to

Happy belated birthday to dear SAS team, cheers





Who Dares Wins!! Smile