Guide to the ARMA 3 Public Server

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Regimental Sergeant Major
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Guide to the ARMA 3 Public Server

The SAS Proving Ground 8 is running the 'War Storm' mission by Giallustio.

The objective of this mission is to capture each town marked with a red flag. You capture it by clearing out all hostiles occupying each town.


Some info about the mission:

There is a virtual arsenal available at the vehicle ammo crate.

Once a teammate gets shot they will go unconcious and will have 5 minutes before they bleed out and die. They can be revived by a teammate. They may also respawn if no medic is nearby. When teammates are unconcious you can carry or drag them using the action menu.

The roles are self-explanatory, but the Alpha team leader can pick up the White/Black flag beside the virtual ammo box using the action menu. Once picked up it can be placed down anywhere and becomes the Rally Point.

To the other side of the virtual arsenal box is a flag pole and everyone can teleport (using the action menu) to the rally point to get back in the fight quicker should they die. This requires that a Rally Point has been placed.

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