Watch out for those 'nades!

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Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Sergeant Major
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Watch out for those 'nades!

I just discovered that a certain type of RGN/RGO grenade created by "Unknown community author" has problems with the ACE fragmentation scripts.They are described as 'offensive/defensive fragmentation impact grenades' and appear in the grenades list in the Arsenal just before the RDG-2 (White) smoke grenades. Avoid using them. Wink

When you throw them, the fragmentation comes out of the grenade as soon as it leaves your hand. Needless to say getting a face full of shrapnel from you own grenade is not a good way to start an assault!

They're anti-personnel grenades, but it's never specified it was anti-personnell towards friendlies! Biggrin

Other grenades affected like this that release shrapnel *only* on detonation are the RHS flashbangs and concussion grenades.

ACE's own M84s are unaffected though.

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Yes, only ACE FB are actually

Yes, only ACE FB are actually working, this is a known thing Blum 3

I've no idea about the grenades tho


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I think it's best to stay

I think it's best to stay away from those grenades


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