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Introduction - Dai-San

Hi, just a quick post as an introduction.

I'm a mature gamer who's been in the IT industry since before there was one and have been playing online games since the very first text based adventure games.

I've played almost every 'Tactical' FPS from the original DF and GR and Tribes right up through the OFP and ArmA series and still play SWAT 4 and the R6 series (not the new ones) now.

I have been known to write missions for ArmA3 but try to keep this to a minimum as the damn Editor drives me to distraction.

Basically I'm looking for a squad that likes to play Tactical Co-Op based ArmA 3 and considers it a win if you get to sit on a hilltop for 2 hours never firing a shot.

Anyway, enough waffle and I look forward to getting to know you guy's.

Be safe out there.

Dai out!

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Welcome Dai San

Welcome Dai San

Thanks for logging on and taking an interest in our community.

Welcome to the forums, hope to see you on TS soon. If you want to join please don't hesitate to shoot us an application.


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Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Sergeant Major
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Hey there, Dai-San and

Hey there, Dai-San and welcome!

The original GR still holds a special place in my heart. AI may be predictable as hell, but damn, the entire game just oozes atmosphere.

Looking forward to meeting you on TS and having some good games in ARMA 3!

SAS_Master - Regimental Sergeant Major


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Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing you around Wink


"Let's just wing it" -Fluffy on things we should most definitely not wing

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Hello there Dai San welcome

Hello there Dai San welcome to the forums !! I guess those games you mentioned are old enough cuz I never heard of them lol. I believe you came to the right place hope to catch ya around the servers.


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Lieutenant Colonel
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Hey Dai-San and welcome to

Hey Dai-San and welcome to the forums! I am looking forward to meet you Smile

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