Your resolution keeps changing to 800x600?

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Your resolution keeps changing to 800x600?

First of all ... Hello

A problem of some SAS members or rather everybody might/could be that their resolution keeps changing to 800x600 every/sometimes they join the SAS or any other sever …

I just want to mention how I fix this problem …

Try this:

press “Esc” to open the menu
then push the wrench symbol to enter the options (without doing anyting)
then press “Esc” again to leave the options
then press “Esc” to close th menu

In general this fixes the problem, at least for me.

If it doesn’t work I’m sorry …

Just noticed the problem and though I could help you


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Default resulotions for starting the game in full screen or windowed mode can be found in the .ini files (I think it's 640x480 windowed / 800x600 full).

Go to the graphics optins refreshs the games settings, I find if you change the resulotion you need to go into a game, go to the options for it and back again and this should usally fix it untill you change the resulotion again and need to refeash it again.

Note that if you run the game at a lower resulotion then your desktop tabbing out of the game will move your icons around. i.e. I run 1600x1200 on my monitor, but only 1024x768 for RvS; my icons get moved to a 1024x768 box when I tab out some times.

PS: I think desktop icons are evil if you use allot of them.

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I had this problem before, I needed to update my graphics card drivers to fix.

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Hey Miles and welcome to our forums.

Thank you for the information very thoughtful.

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Yeah I have done that in the past. Sometimes it happens if I have minimised and the round has restarted while I was away.