XP Mode on Windows 7 :(

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XP Mode on Windows 7 :(

I have recently tried XP Mode on Windows 7 and can truly tell you that its horrible. Diablo

1st XP mode Doesn't register the system graphics driver or GPU.

2nd it only recognizes a single CPU core not both.

3rd you can't play any games that utilizes 3D effects which is practically almost every game available in Game stores.

Here are some screen shots i have taken on my PC, take a good look at them it will prove my 3 statements above.

"the images are too big for me to post directly onto this thread, so i have put direct links to them".


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Re: XP Mode on Windows 7 :(

What do you expect? You are running a live Windows XP inside a virtualized environment with an RDP session for display and a few hacks to integrate it with your start menu and stuff.

Virtual PC like most other virtualization systems emulates a very rudimentary but VESA compatible video card: sexy back in 1992 but useless for most gaming tasks. If you want something better then that, you'll need to investigate if Virtual PC has any "Guest additions" for Windows XP guests or extra drivers for the host OS (7) that enable more suitable emulation of a real graphics card. Many older games require either an ATI or nVidia graphics card for ideal operation, because of "Hacks" used by the game developers.

If Virtual PC doesn't meet your needs, look at Virtual Box or VMWare. VB has additions for XP, but I've never tried using Direct3D APIs with it.

Virtualization technology optimised or running traditional server and desktop applications, not 3D games.. That's how it is.