XM-25 prototypes, plus SF, equals action?

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XM-25 prototypes, plus SF, equals action?


It seems that the XM-25 may be getting some real action soon.

For those more distant from such things, if you've ever seen the XM-29 OICW as portrayed in games like Delta Force or Ghost Recon, the XM-25 is closer to the grenade launcher portion of the real world version, rather than a mere semi-auto 20mm GL as a gamer might expect. It's also had a few more years to grow since the split off, amd those games were written with both infantryed adaptations and outdated info.

To the best of my knowledge, the XM-29s grenade launcher has always been portrayed in games as a dumb model, and even after it got shafted, only the now defunct XM-8 has ever made it into video games: never the XM-25 air bursting nightmare. Wouldn't it be cool, to see a video game that actually brought a proper XM-25 into the players arsenal, along side more plausible ordinance like the SCAR and MP-7?

While I doubt it'll make such a great impact in the real world, if it somehow manages to bear serious fruit... in game however, it would vastly change the nature of MOUT/CQB style adversarial matches. If you've ever played any of the CODs, urban BF maps, or custom DF maps, you'd see a lot of change.

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Nice Toy! Smart bullets next. Def going to change both sides' tactics.

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It LOOKS cool but honestly though, I haven't read any of the text.

SAS Rocks!!! Smile