Why scam me?

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Why scam me?

In my inbox

From: Mrs Farah al-Hashemi
Address: Chiang Rai hospital
31-12 Chiang Rai - Lampoon Rd,
,Chiang Rai Thailand

Dearest Beloved,

Thank you for the attention beeing given to go through my mail.I am
Mrs.Farah al-Hashemi, The wife of iraq military finance corps Chief,
who was incharge of the payment of the military salary during his life
service time . I am 58 years old, i am now receiving treatment in the
hospital. It's quite obvious that I won't live Longer according to my
doctor as i am sufering from my kidney transplant illness,this is
because my illness has gotten to a very bad stage.

My late husband died from the British and American attacks over my
country , and during the period of our marriage we had two male
children Musa and Idris.
After the death of my husband , I inherited some money which my late
husband deposited with a Security Finance Company in Thailand for
safety .The doctor has advised me that I may not live long, so I now
decided to contact you to assist my two sons to claim this money From
where it was deposited and guide them for investment as you are a
potential business man.

My family will be interested in doing business in your country,
thefore i would like to seek your assistance and help.I am interested
particularly in properties , but your advise on other areas of
private sector would be highly appreciated, i am in believe that you
would be of great help in guiding my two sons to a sucessful
exploration of the investment potentials of your country , which
guarantees good capital returns and human security .As a result of
this, i can take you in confidence bassically due of the source of the fund ,
hereby believing that your assistance will be profitable to us.

The amount in question is USD$12 Million .I will appreciate your
willingness to carry this transactions the gratification remark which
will be determined as soon as i hear from you.As i have maped out 20%,
for your assistance and 5% would be used for the re-embursement
of any expenses that is encurred during on the process of this
transaction .

Lastly, I honestly pray that this money when transferred to your
country will be used for the said purpose of investing in the industry,
because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Allah
is vanity upon vanity.
I await your urgent reply to enable me up-date you with more
information and how to proced.
Do feel free to ask me any question if you wish to as my husbands
death has blocked every trace of this money from us,the documentations
relating to the deposit of this fund are all intact with my first son
for your verification .I await to hearing from you soonest.

Yours Sincerely.
Mrs Farah al-Hashemi

At first sight I thought it was one of the unsolicited business e-mails I get once in a blue moon, but when I went to delete it in Thunderbird I saw it was a scam reaking of that nigerian stuff glock posted about. I reported it to the aperiate webmailer abuse department.

What is it with people and sending me scams? I wouldn't mind winning a lottery but come on people this stuff gets worse and worse. Man I'm glad I don't get allot of e-mail lolol

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and you obviously opened it? Naughty boy Spidey.

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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I pushed the wrong mouse button lol. In Outlook Express I wouldn't even have touched it.

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I saw a site the other night, that told you of the common current email viruses, it was usefull with info such as sender, title and content. However i forgot where it was, it might have been Lavasoft's website

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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E-mail scams are funny. You'd be surprised how many homes I apparently own in the US. :eek: