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Who are you xD

okay, so despite being apart of the sas community for over 2 months, i realise i still dont know alot of you, so ive designed a few questions to help us all get to know each other a little bit better.

favorite 3 hobbies/passtimes:

*Martial Arts/ Combat training/ fitness
*Military video games. playing and making
*I should say being social lol, but honestly, umm i prefer my own company alot or with a few friends only, so girlfriend/closefriends

favorite music type:

* Hiphop

favorite 3 movies:

Leon (the professional)
Terminator 2
The Transporter

2 things you want to do before you die:

* Survive in a harsh outdoors environment for a week (Jungle)

* Live comfortably with my own family and future wifey xD

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Lieutenant Colonel
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3 favorite hobbies
Police / Military stuff
All that can be done on a computer
Hangout with my friends

Favorite music
I listen to almost all kind of music. Classic, Hiphop, rap, metal etc.

3 favorite movies
Saving Private Ryan

and many more I-m so happy

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Re: Who are you xD

Favorite hobbies/pasttimes?

0.) Thinking
1.) Programming
2.) Not mentioning
2+1.) Reading

Never have claimed to be the best programmer, but I spent a portion of my life learning my favored past time very well. Talking to junior programmers and college graduates usually irks me because they just don't understand the artistry of our craft. They're too young.

My family is full of arts and craft types, my mother was even a cartoonist, which pushes me somewhat away from drawing. Me, I have find beauty in coding, design, and engineering topics.

Thinking is a major part of me, and I consider myself an intellectual. In my "Youth", the study of combat and technology was a principal past time; but I've not been in a fight in years.

Favourite type of music: Anything that sounds good to my ears.

I tend to be partial to country and rock music, ranging all the way from cica 1950s to present day on both accords. The only things I really don't like, tends to be Rap music and that "Boom boom BOOM" crap so many dipsticks blast from their cars, which is also something I classify *as noise* rather then music. Hank Williams voice (link) is also, a sound that I find stomach churning at times, although he did do some good records.

Whenever my computer is on, you'll usually hear 94.9 The Bull playing, unless I've loaded Pandora or something from the BBC. 94.9 however, is the thing I listen to 95% of the time. I haven't found another radio station that I like as much.

In particular, I tend to like the works of Johnny Cash, Wayland Jennings, Braid Paisley, Talyor Swift, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, and numerous others: both before and after my generation, lol. When in a very bad mood, I favour hard rock and some metal.

When it's well done, classical and especially violin music is very pleasing to my ears, and in fact, given the resources and opportunity to master it, I would learn to play through the violin. There's just something about it that touches me.

Favourite movies

The list of my favourite movies goes on and on: the list is huge. Honestly it spans films made as far back as the 1930s!!! I'm a very big fan of classics, and highly partial to comedy, action, and science fiction; but will usually watch anything once.

Black & White films are often some of the best. Many good movies also came out of RKO.

2 things you want to do before you die:

Those would be more personal then I would broadcast in a public forum. I have a "Bucket list" of things I would like to accomplish before I check out. For the brilliant analytics's out there, there is a film from 2000 that shows everything I desire out of life, after watching it, you could likely deduce my top 2 buckets.


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Favorite hobbies:
music, gaming, sports (swimming & rock-climbing), making sarcastic comments

Favourite music:
I can quote Spidey here, anything that sounds good to my ears, depends a lot on my mood. Mainly i like rock music from around the early 70s, the more sophisticated the better, i like music either if it is brain-challenging, like difficult to play and/or to understand, or if it just moves me on an emotional level.
During my early years i listened mainly to heavy metal music, like Metallica. I used to play the drums quiet well and i was looking for sth more challenging to play and soon found myself in playing what is called "progressive rock" and also jazz or jazz-rock things, like Dave Weckl.
I also enjoy listening to classical music sometimes, what i dont like is rap, hip-hop, boom-boom-boom (whatever they call it lol) and similar genres which have only partially sth to do with music.

Favourite movies:
Im not really into movies, so its hard for me to name sth here. I like movies which activate my brains somehow, so i dont enjoy all these action movies so much lol.
Just a couple of days ago i watched a movie called "Memento" which i found quite nice and "Good Will Hunting" i recall was quite enjoyable.

2 things you want to do before you die:
I guess thats somehow to personal to be announced here, but be assured that i walk the line Wink

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Dang Spidey, I was wonderin when I would get to the bottom of the page, You can type cant cha,lol, Welp I aint gonna try to type that much cause I will be here all night typin,
My hobbies use to be catv, climbin poles, martial arts and Bass Tourneys, Now just Bass fishin and watchin my boys give me more wrinkles,

I do tinker with boats here and there, Also make some of the Finest Beef Jerky in the world with a receipe I came up with bout 20 or 30 yrs back, Also I can take ya to the river and more than likely you will come back with a trophy bass (ask JB) and if ya like Speed on the water, I can make the wind give ya a smile it will last for a long time with my Allison boat which will flat sure get it,
JB is my long time fishin partner and Best friend and of course we are more like brothers, JB and me built the cable system here coverin about 9 counties,
as for a movie I dont really have a favorite but I do like the weather channel and Bill Dance bass fishing, O yea I best not forget that I have a Wife of 31 years and still countin, NO she aint 31 but we have been married for 31,
Ok I like all kinds of music but with age I lean to country more and more, I get out on the lakes here and just feel like a little kid in a candy store, welp looks like I did type a bit there Spidey, and I been sittin here awhile,LOL.

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I've had to learn to just type as fast as I can get my brain and fingers to go, other wise what takes a long time to write, takes all day -> being interrupted every 15 minutes lol.

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1) Mountain biking, downhill biking more so but I do mostly everything...except for road
2)Music, guitar, drums and bass I play
3)Hockey, typically Canadian you can't keep me off the ice

I dabble in everything, the thing I listen to LEAST though is rap

Pulp Fiction
thats really my only movie, but for TV shows...

2 things before I die:
Motorcycle through Europe
Live in British Columbia

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1 Working out, jogging (too cold in the winters though)
2 Eating
3 I wouldn't call myself asocial, but I do prefer my own space and time. I have a few friends I like to be with.
(4) Studying theoretically/practically electronical engineering.

My musical taste isn't as narrow as it used to be, but I like Metal --> techno and everything in between.

Favourite movies/TV shows are;
1 The Man with no name-trilogy. Seriously. Yes.
2 Scrubs!
3 All kind of comedy-shows really. Except for those new horrible sit-coms.

Well, if you have been paying attention, you know what I prioritize in life Wink

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Biking "normally through Greenhill"
PC Hardware/Building

Linkin Park - Papercut
Offspring - All I Want
Offspring - the End Of The Line

Grid Iron Gang
Forrest Gump
StarWars Episode III revenge of the Sith Lord
Four Brothers "this one i forgot" :roll:

Things to do before i die:
Live in all Balkan Countries for at least 1 year
Visit remote locations in South America "preferably Brazil"
Walk through the WWII Kokoda Track

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Hobbies / pastimes:

* Hunting
* shooting clay pigeon or rifle shooting
* Cooking

fav music:

fav movies:
Die hard
The Hunt for Red October
Lethal weapon

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Hobbies /Interests

Football (Villa Fan)
Rugby Union
Extreme Survival

Favourite Music


Favourite Movies

Die Hard Triology
Oceans 11

2 things to do before you die

Have a shot at OBL
Go Road Tripping across the USA
Go on a trip to the Far East


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Nice Thread 50Cal., as we have taken alot of time getting to know each other on TS, having been here for awhile I know alot of things about almost everyone here, as they do me...but,

Hobbies would be Video Games...not just any game though. Mostly FPS or Strategy Games.

Im not actually a loner, but since I work 10+ hours a Day I don't really get out.

I am an Automotive Service Manager, I run a Garage with 7 mechanics and 8 Bays. I've done this for the past 12 years after being in Retail Management for 25 Years.
Honorably Discharged US Navy, 3rd Fleet VietNam Vet. I've been in SAS For almost 2 years.

Movies...Almost anything, All the ones mentioned (encluding "The Professional") are terrific.


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favorite hobbies/passtimes:

*RVS/strategy games
*Music sampling/beats
*Map edit/texture edit
*Drinking beer
*Game vids

favorite music type:


favorite movies:

*Apocalypse Now Redux
*Good Fellas

2 things you want to do before you die:

*Publish my own music CD
*Private thing!

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*All sorts of computer games, most important are RavenShield and Minesweeper Biggrin
*workout (gym, long distance running, swordfighting)
*reading (trying to get into it again after years of not reading anything, even if required at school)
*nerdy stuff: watching (and writing) sci-fi, knowing stuff no one else would care about, re-arranging my desktop for no reason, making light saber sounds, quoting Star Trek (or Star Wars)

favorite music:
*metal: iron maiden, grave digger, running wild, black sabbath, venom
*film music composers: Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, James Horner
*Johnny Cash

favorite movies (hard to choose three from many good movies)
*Star Wars Episode III
*Star Trek (well, I like all of them, but I'd say The Undiscovered Country would be my favorite if I had to choose)
*Excalibur (oh yes, from 1981, undoubtedly the best King Arthur/Excalibur movie) (there are five I can think of)

things to do before I die

Learn more than ten languages
the others I keep to myself

This is my signature. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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*hanging with friends

Fav music type:
*hip hop/rap

Fav movies Foo:
*Star Wars Flippin Episode III yea
*Tokyo Drift

Things to do before i die:
*Travel to China, back to Japan, see yas at London, go to some where in Africa for a visit.
*Come home in one peace out of the Army promised to friends and family. thumbs up all!

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Spending time with my lady.
Martial arts: ancient/modern; armed/unarmed

MUSIC: eclectic (almost anything but Rap)

MOVIES: Conan; Zulu; any Christmas Carol version.

THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE: Find a way not to die; Shoot fast, shoot straight. Pay the bills.

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1. My job and my wife
2. Sport shooting with my big bore guns, running, hiking, cardriving
3. Tactical shooters, reading, music

Favourite music:
Metal, esp. Ayreon, Threshold, Maiden, Iced Earth

Fav. movies:
1. True lies
2. Lord of the rings
3. Die hard

Things to do b4 dying:
already done Smile

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Missed this topic here...

***favourite 3 hobbies***
1. Backgammon (PRO-class; playing for about 20 years)
2. Tennis
3. PC-games (spent most time with these ones: SWAT4 expansion, Diablo2 classic, Half Life-series, NFS MW, Sid Meiers Pirates)

***favourite music***
All kind of Metal, especially True Metal, Dark Metal and Melodic Death Metal

***favourite 3 movies***
Just quoting myself here...

It is hard to name one single best-movie...

...but here's the list of my everlasting favourites:

Highlander part I - There can be only one
The Crow
First Knight
A Knight's Tale
Point Break
Face off
Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl

DUKE, Germany

"What's the plan?
Track'em, find'em, kill'em!"

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Favorite Hobbies:
1. Games - S4 TSS, RvS, L4D, L4D2, KF, etc.
2. Mapping for the Source engine (L4D/L4D2).
3. Playing piano; Rock/Jazz.

Favorite Music:
Most of Alice Cooper's music; Heavy Metal Rock. Some Classical, particularly the William Tell Oveture. Michael Jackson.

Favorite Movies:
Main ones: Star Trek: Nemesis, Galaxy Quest, True Lies, Collateral Damage, Terminator 2/3, Casino Royale, Zathura, The Santa Claus 1.

Added some. Dirol Twisted

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table tennis/soccer
action/tactical games
friends/party etc.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Inglourious Basterds (with the awesome "Christoph Waltz". what a great actor)

2/3 hiphop
1/3 rock/metal/independent

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