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What a guy

Okey guys, first of all i would like to wish you all a great New Year with lots of health, money, love and of corse SWAT (no rvs!!)

Im posting this to talk about 1 guy that today (30th of december) really pissed me and other players off in the server tg#3

The guy called "SNIPERrus" tough he was the owner of the server, making critics to the other team he wasnt in (saying for example "blue sucks! you fuck our game", etc and saying to some "noob" player to leave the server.
The funniest part about him is that in 5 maps he TK 2 times (once was COT, other cant remember the guy). He often made more friendly fires, and of corse, the whole time he kept talking about how good he was and how bad the others were >> he always wanted to lead teams, etc

Me and Val were there, making fun of the situation callin him Master Yoda, the one who knows it all

Lake was there, told him not to votemap(sniper when dead always opened a votemap) and he did not respected, making he get a First Warning. Unfortnately, lake had to leave and so, Sniper Stayed there for long 6 or 7 maps.

Sorry for the long post, just want u guys to keep an eye on him Biggrin

good year

SemperFy ( the one with the Y)

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Semper dont worry his name is on the list and we will be looking for him.

the usually drill is to come and grab one of us. We dont mind what so ever.
and we shall deal with the person Badgering players on the server.


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Sounds like a regular night of admining fun

money, love and of corse SWAT (no RVS!!)

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Yep i was there too and it was very annoying. I even asked him to respect other players but then he said that this is just a game and other stupid comments. I'm happy that SemperFy did the report instead of me :D:D. Well done mate

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What a lucky guy...
...I wasn't there... Twisted Twisted

Just contact a Trooper and up by Xfire and [SAS] will take care of any troublemakers.

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Thanks for the warning this guy is familiar to me. Be sure that any [SAS] Member will deal with him accordingly.

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You can also find most of our XFire names on either of our profiles, our own on our sigsn and usually in the public list

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The SAS has procedures for dealing with players that cannot adjust themselves to the standards we have for our servers.

As have been stated -- call in for help, and the SAS will come to your rescue and restore order, based on our Code of Honour, that reflects professionalism and fair dealing with suspected wrongdoers.

This is always a better solution than trying to handle the situation yourselves.

Thank you for the heads-up -- reporting suspected culprits on our site is another way of a mature handling of the situation.