Since we a chitin and a chatin

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Since we a chitin and a chatin

I figured I would give one of our early mornin chats at the table while sippin some coffee this mornin,

Youngest boy William was talkin bout gettin his girl some flowers for her birthday, He wanted some purty ones for her,
I said just go find a purty flower bed and clip ya a few,
welp that leads to my little wifey sayin she wanted to do some renewin of our vows for our 35th with the lettin go of some purty white doves,
I said let the doves go, no way, I commence to tell willie how to clean them white doves by poppin the breast right off and puttin them in a bath of gravy,
Of course the little woman is startin to get rialed bout now,
But to my supprise William AGREES with Her on turnin them purty white doves Loose,
Then while I sit there wonderin what has happen to good ole willie and his thinkin, he says to just toosem up and let them go,
Welp I am wonderin if willies girl done gave him a whoopin with him talkin like that,
The wifey looks at him with great love and smiles, Welp thats about the time Good ole Willie grabs the 12 ga and hollars out PULL!!! I hollar there ya go more sport there,
Welp that sent the little woman into a rage, Willie left for work and my bed is out in the shed now, O and now I have to make my own coffee.

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Shootin' white may as well have cancelled her credit cards and gotten the same reaction. Poor EZ and Willie :cry:


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Gosh Darn Gomer, took me 15 minutes to read this little dity, cracking up the whole way. As I know both EZ and his adorable Wife I can understand how she would react to EZ thinking bout his stomach instead of his commitment. EZ, hope you have a heater in the shed, this wouldnt be the shed the Dog is currently residing in is it?



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Makes me think of Dirol

Stop the pigeon