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Hey my real name is Matt, my game name is DevilDoG. Ive been playing for a little while total, while i just got a new cd-key today and am now active with SWAT4, my friend Scott and I are looking to join. Scott and I are friends in a different game and both bought SWAT 4 again to play and find an active clan. I do have a TeamSpeak or Ventrilo server that i rent and would be willing to donate upon recruitment. My xfire is : devildog1708 . Both scott and I have a Headset and Mic. I m 17 years old. If someone could check me out ive been playing on your COOP server with a member or 2. let me know whats up.



EDIT : i also make php websites, and am good with graphics. I also try my best to help people with computer problems with hardware etc. i have a site which is under construction for virtual help with pc's.

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Good to hear from you. I'll add you to my xfire and we'll see what happens.

Have you completed and online application? If not, the application is under the "About Us" link on the top left.


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I think I've seen you on the servers before not sure which. I know I remember some one by that name was once active in the MW4 community.

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