A very ticked off arachnid

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A very ticked off arachnid
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ever so right you are, that speed actually IS realy crappy!
djeesz my cellphone is faster than that, and cheaper (9,50 Euro a month, unlimited up/download)

You can close your eyes for things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart for things you don't want to feel

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Spidey, I run speed tests thru speakeasy and they give results in kbps and in KB/sec.

Mine is 7267 kbps down and 2737 kbps up which it says comes out to the following:

908.4 KB/sec down and 342.1 KB/sec up.

Still it comes out to mean around 8Mb down and 3 Mb up.

All depends; hmmm; on how you look at the numbers that are given.

How about this: which is greater? 1, .5 squared, or n to the power of 0, where n is any number you choose>? Not a hard question I think but it shows that numbers and how they are expressed can be confusing.

Now what the hell was I saying? oh well :arrow: S:

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from speakeasy, alanta GA server:

Download Speed: 2700 kbps (337.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 321 kbps (40.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
More Information:

from ISP:

download speed: 1.6 Mbps
upload speed: 324.2 Kbps

During certain times our connection is very unstable, other times it actually works.

heavy rain -> may as well avoid gaming but understandable in this place

during the day -> don't bother with large downloads because it'll cut out to often.

when lots of people are calling -> don't even use the internet connection, the ragometre will live longer.

You should've seen me... When I was 450MB out of 650MB on a D/L and the aDSL totally disconnected in the middle of the day lol.

Freaking thing likes to pop 2-3 times an afternoon some days Beee