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The Verdict

The San Jose Police Department is proud to announce that the shooting on Tuesday, June the Sixth, 2006, at 3:19 AM has been ruled as In Policy. The officers in question have been cleared by the state of any wrongdoing, and are to be reinstated to full duty. They are to be commended for their bravery and judgement that no doubt saved many lives. (I think that was the jist of the report)

Well the hard part is over, and now I get to go back to work, and it's a good thing too because I was losing my mind stuck in this house all the time.

On a lighter, and somewhat humorous note: I attended a govt. sposored event this past weekend, and was able to see and even shoot some very impressive hardware. But... the most entertaining (and at first terrifying) experience was watching the newly deployed robot platform the Government has come out with. It is a robot capable of carrying a variety of mountable weapons and tools. This particular model had an M240B Machine gun attached to the chassis. The gun was loaded with armor piercing ammunition and was cocked, locked, and ready to rock. The machine was to march down 50 yards and unload onto a mock battlefield of tanks, bunkers, and soldiers made of plywood. Me and my 5 good friends from the shooting earlier were in the front stands watching. The robot made it about halfway down the path, and then stopped cold. The turret did a swift 180, and then a Heavy machine gun became trained on the stands. Some of the more astute observers among us knew exactly what to do... we hit the deck and shouted "HOLY SH**! THAT THING IS LIVE!! GET DOWN!" The place cleared out, and I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sure somewhere, someone is being called into an office to explain what the hell happened so that machine almost took out a bandstand.

It was an eventful weekend for me, and it sure is good to be back. I'll see you boys on the server. :ninja:


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I wonder if some one really pissed of some tech into pulling a joke.

Welcome back to duty, glad you didn't get it from Robocop.

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You can't trust robots.. didnt you learn that in Terminator ?? Blum 3

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Ah technology, how I love thee. Glad your back in action and not swiss cheese.

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Some power hungry dude with controller must have thought he take on the world with it :devil: ! Nice to see you made it back to work

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Welcome back Merge. In a dark way that made me chuckle a little bit.

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