VB6 Problem

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VB6 Problem

Im quite new to programming. i do VB at collage and picking it up pretty fast. but ive come across a problem that i just cannot figure out.

When im in the design screen in VB 6, the menus i create are white. ive tried most of the options to try and get it normal but none have worked.

When i run the form, the menu is grey but looks like its flat. it has a line across the bottom of the menu which doesnt look very neat to me.

Its confused me because its not like that on the collage computers.

In the design its white

Running it it looks either 3D or flat.

Can anyone help me out with this? Is it just a case of changing a property?

Thanks for any advice


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Well VB is very picky so this could be caused by a number of things.

It could be a variable but I don't know which one you would have to keep doing what your doing with guess and check.

It is more likely a theme applied diffrently on your computers then the schools computers.

Lastly you may not have the most recent VBRuntimes,


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Unforuntately glock if you want it your own way your gonna have to code it because this is the default template for Visual Basic's main menu component. The same problem lies with the tabs because you cannot change the colour therefore they are always grey. I recommend just keeping it default than spending days writing the code to alter it.

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It could be the instruction differences in your CPU, as opposed to the schools.

I would go with Noah's last suggestion, if that doesn't fix it, don't worry about it.

Nice job by the way, they both look good to me.

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I can't directly solve the problem but I can add some information.

On my computer I have always found that a few applications display their menu bars incorrectly. I don't know if these are just the VB ones but it might make sense.

For example, Windows Messenger. The toolbar looks normal except for the background to the text (File, Edit etc) is white instead of beige. To begin with, that is only exactly behind the text. If I go into one of the menus, then that whole section of the toolbar goes white and stays white.

It's weird. I haven't bothered to try and fix it.

But I suggest that you take your program and run it on a different machine, to find out whether it is your program that has the problem or your VB installation.