vacation report

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vacation report

this is ggonna be the mini version hehe
overall performance: alright
-3 days -renewing passport (well that sucked)
-3-5 days conhitibetes (i know i spelt it wrong it was this thing u got on ur eye really anoying)
but i had alot of fun
i also was driving alone on a motorcycle i always drive but this year i drove alone and did good wooooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im only 15
but the driving over there is like somrething out of a game every 1 passes eachother and stuff i drive like ur suppost too even thou that looks fun but its dangerous almost no traffic lights anywhere so i guess thats the reason
i know how to drive clutch motorcycles and automatics(just acceleratre and ur off) and pasolas like a ummm how do i say it well i cant here is a picture
just so u get the idea if i get the english name ill put it cause i wanna know it too i might have spelt it wrong not sure
and for some reason most if not all the girls in my area that know me like me am i that good looking ? hehe
welcome back party on pg 1 tonight woohoo!!!!!!!
i would recomend u guys go its a beautiful place and the hotels and kool
but i recomend u know alittle spanish 1st not to many ppl know english
i think ill keep adding some stuff during 2-3 more days not sure