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UTF message.

Hi all SAS members.

just want send you a message because i wish you know something :

In the past, and actually again, i like play in the SAS server. i Like SAS, because you are very good players, but too, you're respecting peoples. You have Honour in SAS. I like that because i'm as you. Many players become friend with me, because good pleoples Who comes in Proving Ground.
SAS respect all, and SAS is respected.

there are some day ago, two UTF members, ioclone and 8balls has been banned of SAS Proving Ground server. They don't know by who, and for what reason. Any informations for them, before their ban.

And, I know than any Team can recruited on SAS server. I know that, My Sergents and Officers knows that.
I'm talking to you, about that, because an officer of UTF said me than you said him "don't come on SAS server, you gonna recruit here, and we dont want that".

So i want to say you : UTF hasn't problems for choose his news recruits on UTF server. UTF doesn't need to come on another servers for choose his new recruits.
Like SAS, We have our server, many players visits it for play with us. And any UTF has been recruited on SAS, or another server than UTF server.

You can check our server rules, you will see our honesty about that.


So, if you see an UTF recruiting on SAS, please, give me his name. He will be banned from our server, too. Because only fake member do that.

UTF respect SAS, no prob with you.

Now, i hope than the UTF members are erase of your banlist, and they have access to your server again.

Good playing, SAS. And sorry for my horrible english.


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[SAS] respects your position and the support you show your team mates.

However, our public forums is not the place to petition support for a removal of their ban. This has been attempted several times, each with the same end result.

The ban remains in effect. Appeal denied.

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