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Unavailable for Action.

It is the really busy part of the year for me with a couple of exams and plenty of studying ahead of me. I am therefore not going to be present on the website, the training rounds or XFire for the next 2 weeks.

If you should happen to see me on the website, please post a message telling me to get back to studying. I have put my home page to Wikipedia as a reminder.

If you should see me on the Training Grounds, please tell me to stop procrastinating and kick me out of the server Biggrin 8O

and if i am on XFire, make sure to let me know i should be studying also.

I will see you in 2 weeks to this day (19/12/06), so until then take care and happy hunting all.

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SAS_Hexen :ninja

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Ok good to know. See you in 2 weeks.

Well, hexen, as you read this message close the browser and START TO STUDY!!! Twisted

Unless it is the 19th of December ...

\"Virtue is its own reward.\"

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Ok study hard Hexen, see you when your eyes starts bleeding! Blum 3

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Best of luck with your exams m8. Study hard as you did for your Trooper tags. Then you will make the exams with the best score.

If you read this, GET BACK TO THE BOOKS Twisted

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Study hard and remember, the word "sleep" does not exist! Lol

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If yout put as much into your exams as you did into training I think it's in the bag m8 Smile

I'll be sure to keep the ol'boot warm in case I see you on the TG hehehehe

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SAS_Hexen isn't going to have exams. He is going to have HEXAMS.

Good luck! Biggrin


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Exams...boring, studying...boring...school...boring...this post...boring...yet relevant...........
I haven't studied for anything besides crammin ten minutes before the thing. I don't aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer or nun a dat jive. Life's to short to spend it working your very hardest, cuz soon you may find out it's not you you are working for. That's...probably why I gave up...
But..don't listen to me, I'm beligerant at the moment, and I am speaking my mind. Don't ask me controversial questions for the next 47 hours...

I cannot fathom that the Lord has blessed us with logic and rationality and have us forgo their use.

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good luck hex, and i have to do the same thing now, exept im cathing up.

see you in 2 weeks

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12 days Hex, 12 days! You can do it! Now...GET BACK TO STUDYING