Tryout and are the applicant ready!!!!

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Tryout and are the applicant ready!!!!

Hey i was just wondering. How can a potential new Rct. know when he/she is ready for tryout. Will the SAS members com with a status rapport of the curent level the potential Rct is on and what is needet to improve the chances off succes ore is it all a big supprise after a try out???

Will the faild player get a 2nd chanse and som instruktions on how to improve ore is it just bad luck.


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You will know when you are ready for tryout, you will be contacted.
If you fail the members who tried you out will tell you what you failed on so you can practice.
And you will get a 2nd chance

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After you send an application, any contact you have with members is recorded in your recruit training folder (a private forum thread).

Each time someone observes you on a server, they submit changes as needed to that folder (thread) until such a point where we have determined whether or not you are serious about joining and that you have been behaving in a way consistent with the [SAS] Code of Honor, that you are trainable, willing to learn, a team player, mature, etc.

At that point, a decision will be made as to your tryout and who will be conducting it. It is at that point that you will be notified that we would like to offer you a tryout. A time will be arranged and you will either pass or fail.

If you fail the first time, don't worry about it--many do fail. However, you will continue to be granted additional tryouts after further training. These will continue until you stop trying or until we determine you are not making any progress toward a successful tryout.


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Just remember it does not end with the tryout, a rct tryout is only the beginning of a fine adventure. If you need help, just give me a call and I'd be glad to train with you.