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Tip Of the day

I'm gonna name off a way in which you can better protect your PC from viruses, spyware, etc.
When going out to download content which is in question, you can use a guest account (This works best on Windows XP Home or Pro) to download it. IMPORTANT, you must have all files on your main account set to private and not "For All Users", and the Guest account set to share files. This will give you the ability to use those files, but it won't be in your space.
In this way, if that questionable content has a virus, or more, it can only infect files that are on that guest account, and not your files. This allows you to isolate the problem and remove it more effectively.
Btw, where is everybody? I've only seen Miles and in like two days.

I cannot fathom that the Lord has blessed us with logic and rationality and have us forgo their use.

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That is somewhat like how it should be as a standard.

I know on my BSD box, it's pretty hard to screw up your computer inless you have admin access (and therefore can FUBAR at will).