Things you'd like to see before you're gone

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Things you'd like to see before you're gone

What would you like to see happen in this world before you are long dead and gone ?

The three things I would like to see before I'm dust:

A woman in [SAS] Smile

I've sort of always hoped that if I ever lived to have a daughter she might join the team some day. And hopefully I would still be around here for obvious reasons, I think these lyrics tell the tail hehe Smile

To see man kind set foot on Mars, or at least see as much of it as people did when we put a man on the moon for the first time hehe.

And the promise that someday the ]Lagrange Points in earth orbit will be put to good use rather then wasted.

Because I know I'd never get to see a permanent human presence there by way of colonizing space itself.

So what about you guys?

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People being more honest, less crude. But they wont, most of them.
If it is time I just want to have my eyes closed but in the mind I, myself has changed anything in the world.
Even if it is only an endangered person being saved or more simple, being happy.
Every day could be my last.
I hope there will be a reason for my life when im dying.
There's a german saying.
In his life, a man has to plant a tree, build a house and becoming father.
I already did the tree thing, dont know if I'm becoming father soon or later.
But when I'm dying I want to know if the world became safer and more adorable for all lafter me.

A woman in SAS would be fine, maybe living next to me, being as gorgeous as most German women.
Would be fine to see one wearing SAS uniform, sounds more realistic.

P.S. there's a dutch girl named Laura (if she really is female) playing RVS Twisted

Gone but not forgotten.