Tactics, RVS vs Swat?

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Tactics, RVS vs Swat?

Hey there.

Seems i don't have access to any area where this would fit better, but..

I used to see all this stuff you have on the tactics pages about breaching, room clearing etc done very well back in S3, when SAS had games up most of the time there, and i loved it.

... but on RvS servers its nothing like it, all those tactical room clearings and people having a given task to do, all that tactical stuff just isnt there, just a bit more organized shooting, peeking from doorways killing suspects 1 by 1. Seems its not possible to play RvS like S3 considering how AI, bangs etc work in it..

So i've been thinking about S4, as you guys seem to have servers up, is it any better in S4, when it comes to all this tactical and organized stuff, you know, like back in s3 with EL, Pointman etc?

Thats exactly what im looking for but since S3 is pretty much dead there aint many options left, so how is it on those private S4 games you have?

Id try ofcourse, but obviously private servers are private.

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Then you haven`t been on TG1 long enough Grodin.

We don`t always operate in elements, sometimes we just wanna go solo and relax, practice our shooting etc.
Trust me, the most dynamic operations we have includes SAS and RVS.

It can be quite an ordeal for us trying to control and maintain organized elements with public players all the time, thats why elements most often occur when there is enough SAS players to organize one.

PS : The reason we shut down the Training & Tactics forum for non SAS is because people were directly stealing SAS written tactics and documents, taking credits for them on their own pages.

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Its a new SOP on the TAT from GCHQ... Smile


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Along with what Valroe said, Plus The LIVE OPS are extremly Intense!!!

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Well.......Grodin.......If you come onto PG 1 on RVS and you want some element work. Tell a member and they should accomodate you.


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Our core tactics are very much the same for each game. In SWAT 4 though, when several [SAS] and or close friends are present, you will find an element functioning 90% of the time.

S3 and S4 are very, very different games (S3 is much better!). We use essentially the same element organization and techniques from S3 in both RvS and S4. One thing you will find though, since in S4 you can't side step and lean at the same, slicing is done a bit diff depending on the situation.

Last time I stopped by WON, the regulars made RvS regulars look tactically smart (sad... was once such a fine place); S4 pubs are often the same as pubs in any other tac fps, but we do enforce the server rules Wink

The only complaints i have about SWAT 4,

  • More time is often spent on the loadout then the mission plan, compared to S3/RvS
  • The game designers got the element designations wrong; newbies get confused by OUR S3 inherited usage of Red/Blue team.
  • My last failure drill, killed the hostage instead of the suspect -> when a bullet went through the suspects brain, and into the hostages kidney; yielding an instant one shot kill on the hostage, but the suspect survived the headshot, only to eat 2-4 more rounds in the centre mass, before going down!!!!
  • During Co-Op games, one 7.62x39mm round fired from the AKM, will penetrate the heavy armour (Level IIIA) vest and ceramic inserts -> from nearly maximum range.
  • The mod system and development model is/was a joke, compared to SWAT 3.[/*]

And although one can waste up to 12 9x19mm on a suspect, when latency is bad... It is actually nicer then SWAT 3 could be online at times.. lol