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SWAT 4 usefull stuff for clients

IV. Customizing Clients

Change Interact and Shout Compliance Keys
C06alt - 02:42pm Apr 15, 2005 PST
In coop sometimes you can end up issuing complience to the floor or too a dead suspect when you try to use them. Because your teammate just got there before you. You can seprate compliance and interact keys by typing this in the console.
//Makes button x use doors pickup weapons ect
set input x Interact
//Makes button y issue compliance only
set input y IssueCompliance
This should save to your user.ini settings on leaving the game. If it dont you could edit your user.ini directly. just mek the needed change under
This is useful also if you don’t know the key name you want to use user.ini is not checked against the servers

Remove EL command sounds to speed up AI deployment
DayGlow - 06:20pm Apr 15, 2005 PST
Also in the sounds folder there is the teamleader folder. I moved that to a backup directory, that way when you say a command, it doesn't repeat it in the game as well. Bonus is that the team reacts as soon as you say the command, vs them waiting for the sound loop to finish playing before reacting.

Removing or Hiding Hud elements
Talus_1 - 04:33pm Apr 15, 2005 PST
I hacked the SwatGUI.ini file and edited this section and changed every entry under a heading containing 'ClassicCommandInterface' such that the window sizes and positions were all '0'. Now, none of the command interface windows come up.
C06alt - 11:36pm Apr 15, 2005 PST
Another option for people who like classic but think it takes up a little to much room is to put under
This just leaves the text displayed.

Customized Video Resolutions and Resolutions not being retained
FI_FlimFlam - 10:19am Apr 17, 2005 PST
Hmm that is odd. if I change my ingame video settings and exit the game I can check my Swat4.ini and it reflects the changes I made. It's under the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] section at the values of FullscreenViewportX and FullscreenViewportY. These are changed to the new corresponding x&y resolution settings. Setting this to Read Only should prevent the game from permanently changing your resolution from a different one in the file. Although you can still change it in game if you wish to. You will get an error that it cannot write to the file when you start and exit the game. You would only lock the file if you are having issues with the game retaining your desired resolution.
I can set the resolution in the file at these 2 settings and play at 640 x 480 if I wish to. If you have a custom resolution you like to play at you might be able to add it to the line to the SwatGUIState.ini file. For example you can add the line ScreenResolutionChoices=640x480 to the file above the one that lists 800x600. Then you can choose it ingame. I tested this and it worked for me.

Changing Ingame Chat Text Color
C06alt - 11:37am Apr 22, 2005 PST
I get a few people asking how this is done so i just thought id mention it here and then i can redirect them. You can make color messages in swat 4 MP chat by using the same type of code the server names use. there are a few ways of doing this. You can open the chat window and simply type in [c=FF0000]Red go left. And the chat after your name will be in Red font. You could also open the console and type somthing like.
set input L say [c=FF0000]Red [c=00FF00]Stack up.
Now if you press L ingame you will say
Red(inredfont) Stack up(in greenfont)
The 00FF00 part of each command is actually hex color code. If your looking for the right color just look up the meny free Hex color wheels on the net.

Binding keys to “Say” command
L etranger - 10:28am Apr 19, 2005 PST
Open User.ini in your swat4/content/system directory, then look the key bind, then add command to unused key, example :
X=teamsay I need backup P=say Nice host
C06alt - 12:55pm Apr 19, 2005 PST
If you would like to say Roger in one keypress you could do it like this. Open user.ini and replace one of the key commands with this.
NumPad1=CommandInterfaceNextGroup | GiveCommand 1 | CommandInterfaceNextGroup | CommandInterfaceNextGroup
Basicly "CommandInterfaceNextGroup" changes to the page with Roger on it. the "|" lets the program know your going to use another command. "GiveCommand 1" presses command 1 on this page "Roger". "CommandInterfaceNextGroup | CommandInterfaceNextGroup" Is needed to return the menu to the default Command page. Otherwise the next time you use a quick radio command the system will go to the wrong page.
The above command will only work correctly if
a. You are using Classic command interface
b. Before you press the key the menu is on the command page
c. Only Playin coop (VIP adds an extra menu)
D. In this case numlock is on
AndroidXP - 12:56pm Apr 19, 2005 PST
Yeah, I use that (for reporting when using the mirror):
NumPad0=SAY No threats visible
NumPad1=SAY Lone suspect visible
NumPad2=SAY Two suspects visible
NumPad3=SAY Multiple suspects visible
NumPad4=SAY Lone civilian visible
NumPad5=SAY Two civilians visible
NumPad6=SAY Multiple civilians visible
NumPad7=SAY To the left
NumPad8=SAY Ahead
NumPad9=SAY To the right
NumPadPeriod=SAY I think there are suspects in that room

Enable 3D Sound/EAX
In Swat4.ini under [ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem] set the following:
*Note: This is not tested nor approved by the devs. While some gamers report enhanced audio quality, some have experienced problems.

V. Resources

Swat4 Official Community Forums: http://community.vugames.com/WebX?13@116.TGdUeTiem5X.0@.f01fa19

Community Sites:
http://www.10-david.com - prominent Swat4 website with a lot of die-hard fans. This site has connections with Swat4 game developers and a great source for the most current news.
http://www.swat-4.com - home of many mods and useful tools by Slippery Jim like the ban tool and php server query tool.
http://www.edge-clan.com/members/set/IpBanner.exe - IP banning and ban maintainence tool that works with MP-Beta server not sure about full version.
http://www.ugk-swat.com/ - Swat4 player Stat tracking Application. Client side app must be running.

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Posted: 2005-05-08, 11:21:03 Post subject:
fritze - 12:35am May 8, 2005 PST
aka (1*)Skullz
I have noticed that sometimes whilst in a co-op game that my fps drops to single digits, and can make the game un playable.

And while playing tonight it happened and I reconnected to the game and my fps went back up immediately.

Hmmm, I wondered, I'll bet some kinda cache got dumped.

So I mentioned that to my team mates and that I thought there must be some kinda cache flush console command.

Next thing I knew one of them said he was getting low fps too, then he said "Dude!"

I asked whats up, he said he typed "flush cache" in the console and his fps shot back up. Woot!

I found two commands that seem to affect this:



obj garbage

The cache doesn't need to be on the end of the flush command to work, in fact I will betcha its totally ignored.

You might ask well how come this shows up in co-op more than regular play, answer I'm guessing is longer game play between respawns/cache flushes hence fuller caches.

Also in the SWAT.ini file is a line called "EngineGameEngine" that has a "CacheSizeMegs" setting.

Here is some detailed info:

[Engine.GameEngine] CacheSizeMegs This controls the amount of RAM used for caching models and other game related data. Helps alleviate the stutter associated with loading of new models and other game data. May help with FPS if your game stutters due to loading game data. Defaults to 32.

256 Megabytes of RAM or less CacheSizeMegs=32

512 Megabytes of RAM CacheSizeMegs=64

768 Megabytes of RAM CacheSizeMegs=128

1 Gigabyte of RAM or more CacheSizeMegs=256


Mine is set to 32 megs, but I have one gig of ram, I am

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Aug 26, 2005 3:33 PM
in response to: The_Doorman
Nice, I propose sticky.

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Aug 26, 2005 7:57 PM
in response to: AlienAbducter
Here are some nice binds for mutiplayer hosts,
NumPad4=kickbanid 4
NumPad5=kickbanid 5
NumPad6=kickbanid 6
NumPad7=kickbanid 1
NumPad8=kickbanid 2
NumPad9=kickbanid 3
This way I (as host) can turn on "show player IDs" with one keystroke (Numpad Period), see a players id number and with another single keystroke kick ban them, slick .
I only made 6 since I only host CO OP games with a maximum of 6 players.
To un ban some ones ip you navigate to C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System
And look for the file Swat4.ini (make a back up copy before you do any ini file editing, natch).
Use notepad to open the file and scroll down until you see the section called ,
Here you will see 255 lines like,
These are the players kickban ip add, if you kick some one by accident you can alt tab the game , navigate to this file and these lines and remove the last entry, that would be the last person banned.
Note that,
Should not be altered, that is you the host.
The_Doorman Out.

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Aug 28, 2005 8:02 AM
in response to: The_Doorman
Toggle between windowed mode.
In your C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System\Swat.ini you will see the section marked,
And the line,

Change it to,
Now hitting "alt enter" will toggle between window mode

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Sep 1, 2005 1:23 AM
in response to: The_Doorman
In regards to the kick ban post above,
I made another bind that shows ids and then brings up the menu so you can see ids ,
NumPadPeriod=showids | GUICloseMenu
The only issue I have with it is that if you use it once it will turn on the ids, hit it again and it turns them back off.
I wanted to make it on release close the menu, but these binds will not work when the GUI, aka menu is up,
It would be nice if there were a command that would show a player list with ids ingame like the stats net does.

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Sep 2, 2005 9:17 PM
in response to: The_Doorman
On the Beserker servers we run 6 to 8 player Co-ops, we also use custom missions made in the quick mission editor, usually with 34 suspects instead of 20 and their morale set max and elite skills.
To set higher number than 5 allowable players in co op we edit our "SwatGUIState.ini" file and set its attributes to read only so the game does not swtch it back.
In the section,
Look for the line,
Max Players=5
Change that to your desired amount, note that going over 10 has caused problems.
Now you will have set the attributes to read only on this file, and whenever you close your game you will get an error pop up stating that this file could not be read to. Just click ok or hit enter, whichever makes it go away.
Now here is the tricky part , for this to work you cannot go to the host screen, otherwise it reverts back to 5 players.
Go to the "Play Quick Mission" screen,
To just have more than 5 players skip to next part.
To use a custom mission follow these steps,
• 1.Make a quick mission using "Duplesiss Diamond Center" as the map.
**Elite Susp settings as follows**
Main Page
Set the Difficulty to Elite.
Conditions to "Bring order to chaos" and "avoid civilian injuries".
Primary Entry point.
No time limit.
Civilian Page
Set your minimum civilians to 2 and maximum to 3.
Set their morale to min 0.95 and max 1.30
Suspect Page
Set your maximum suspects to 34, and minimum to 33.
Set their morale min 1.30 and max 1.67
Include all terrorist types as well as Alice Jenkins.
Set their skill to High.
Give them machineguns as primary type as any, secondary as any and type as any.
Save this mission and give it a name and map pack name.

• 2.Save the mission and return to the main menu.

• 3. Go to the Host screen and set up a coop game with only SP-JewelryHeistq in the Map rotation list.

• 4. Dont start the game at this point, Click the Main Menu button.

• 5. Go to Play Quick Mission.

• 6. Click Load mission Pack.

• 7. Click on the Mission you made for "Duplessis Diamond Center"

• 8. Do NOT Click Start.

• 9. Open the console with the "'" key or the "`" key

• 10.type Start SP-JewelryHeist?Listen .
Bring up the console (tilde key evokes the console) , type " start SP-Mapname?listen " in the console, then hit enter.
Map should now start loading with higher allowable players.
Here are the map names, (case sensitive).
Hope this helps
The_Doorman Out
Here is another tip for changing maps in this loading quick mission method.
I have the next map loading command bound to a single key, so while I am ingame I can just hit it and the map changes, retains the higher level of suspects and highr level of players.
j=start SP-Subway?listen
Just replace the mapname to whatever map you prefer, this one plays the custom subway map.
I will be binding all the maps I use in co-op to their own keys.
Once again these keybinds do not function while in the menu/gui, you have to be in the game.

Re: Color Chat and other Usefull tips. Posted: Sep 20, 2005 10:17 AM
in response to: The_Doorman
Higher numbers of suspects;
You might have noticed that on the co-op "Beserker
servers" that SomeOlCowboy and I run that we
have 34 suspects rather than the normal 20.
Well we just increased that amount again, here is
how we did it;
I opened one of my Scenarios "pak" files that are
located in C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4
I used notepad to open it and edit it.
Look for these lines in the pak file;
Change it to your preferred amount, I have been
able to get 100 suspects on Mittelplate Alpha, but
that amount bogged my rig down considerably.
It is obviuos that the Mittel Plate Alpha author made
alot more suspects a posibilty when he made the
As for instance we have only, lol, been able to get 50
suspects on Subway Map.
Now I made my "pak" file read only so it cannot
change, but I am not sure if thisis needed or not.
Doorman Out

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Nice stuff. I used to use my space bar to give the "Clear" in CCI but I haven't found toyed with it since I've switched to the "Yuck" and looks like "Stolen" buy Lockdown oh most GCI. Also Keybinding without color is the same as in RvS only there are diffrent command names for some things if your binding more then text. As has been stated before.