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Support Alert Newsletter
"Gizmo's top picks of the best
Tech resources and utilities"
Issue 130 - 15th February, 2006

Free Web Development Resources-nice site

Best Free Video Conversion Program- does about everything, better then some $100 programs, uses a lot processing power, could be very slow on older computers,18MB download

Dial-a-fix-----If your PC is running fine, you
don't need it and may risk causing problems.
Recommended for experienced users only.
These problems
fall into five specific areas: Scripting, the Windows Installer,
Windows Update, Secure site problems and Program registration.
The last area includes specific fixes for Windows Explorer,
Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player problems. If you
have problems in any of these areas you should check this
utility out.

How to Print Lots of Documents Easily

Free Internet Traffic Monitor- clear
identification of the all programs on your PC generating
internet traffic as well as the file name and location. It even
shows hidden programs.

Process Viewer Updated-The latest V10 release includes dozens of
small enhancements rather than new features. The result is an
outstanding free product that leaves Windows Task Manager
looking brain damaged by comparison.

only those who will IMAGE(