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A Story Shared

We all play games at some point in our lifetime, some of us prefer casual indie games, some first person shooters, some strategies, yet some of us love them all and follow gaming trends.

What we have in common are experiences and fun we get from those games, some of which are rather unique and impossible to repeat.

This discussion is about those unique experiences you've had playing a game, so get your creativity booted up and share a story.

Rules are simple:

>Be creative.
>Write a story in most compact way possible with as much detail packed.
>Don't reveal game name or major clues during story, some can be revealed but as long they are considered "not majorly known"
>Use custom callsigns if you want to protect usernames.
>Write a story about the experiences that happened to you in an online game with your friends or random strangers, it can be literally anything, from that pack of wolves you defeated and made it into the valley, to the universe you conquered, from the city you defended, to caves you explored and found secret treasure, you get the idea.
>You can correct people's chatter grammar, you don't need to specify whether they used chat or voice chat.
>Make it cinematic, add that Hollywood feel like you are writting a novel, script or making a movie.
>At the end of your story, write Game Title, Location of the event, Time of the event, and some other useful information.

That's about it.

This is your chance to tell others about the fun you have in games and share your story. Don't be shy, just do it.

I expect to see lots of dynamic stories shared Smile

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A story

I wrote this one long ago, but edited it today to give it more detail. It's a bit lengthy but I hope you like it and that it will inspire you to write your own, I'm sure you can. Biggrin

[spoil] It was clear daytime, me and four other guys arrived at our base by a truck after a long ride, it was my 2nd mission ever since I've joined the army. Those were some solid lads, fun, somewhat experienced and open minded. Little did I know that after our troops retaken the nearby town we would build a post there and that me and my group would be sent to create a post. It all went well, I was supposed to get my full training and see how things work around in the command, and so I did. I passed my basic training and by its end it was already dusk, a cold night was approaching.

We were relaxing and telling jokes, I got to know these guys a bit more. Callsign Panther, a sneaky guy in his 30s who doesn't talk much but is hella good with his sniper, Callsign Hopper, a guy in his 20s, always joking and messing around, he was our MG, Callsign Sniffer, this guy would hide around all day and show up only when sarge yelled at him, he was somewhat shy but he always kept eyes on us and offered his assistance for almost anything, he was our Medic, Callsign Strike, strike was a very mature fellow in his 40's, whatever he would speak out would make a lot of sense, oh, and he's really good with his rifle and spotting targets from a far, and finally, Callsign G, a lad in his 20s and a grunt with still a lot to learn, but showing exceptional skillset with his rocket launcher, he was our AT, well, that G was me.

After a lot of chatter and few tips being shared among our group, our sarge approached and gave us our role and name.

Sarge: Listen up ladies, you are Charlie, and your role will be to do whatever necessary and only if called in by command, for anything primary our squads Alpha and Bravo will be sent in, you come in as secondary, a backup squad to do all the dirty work if Alpha and Bravo mess up.
Hopper: Sir, Sir, yes sir!
Sarge: Did I finish my talk you smart**s? NO! talk only when you are allowed to talk or kiss your a** goodbye from the military! WAS I F**ING CLEAR?
Sarge: Jesssss..shut your gobble and listen.
Sarge: Alpha and Bravo are going to take another town in 10 mikes, you are a squad now, so act as one, get your supplies ready and stand by for a call.
Sarge: See that Hawk over there?
All: Yes sir, we do.
Sarge: If there are no questions I want to see you next to it in 5 minutes!
Strike: Sarge, what about our leader, do we have a leader?
Sarge: Good question, you don't have a leader yet, but we will let you know your leader is once you are deployed on the field, if that ever happens.
Sarge: Now do your thing, don't disappoint me.
All: Roger that sir!

Our Sarge walked away, Hopper immediately started his mockery, we all sort of laughed but quietly to not be heard. Our Sarge must have sharp ears, he heard us and mumbled "Grunts, they're all the same" if I heard him well.

We fetched our supplies and rallied up at that chopper, Alpha and Bravo were striking that town further east at large when at once...

Tower: Incoming! From the south, fire! FIRE! (Zu30 firing bursts up the sky)
Tower: Sh**, 4, no wait, 5 jets, fire god da**t!
Command: Base what's going on?!
Base: Seems like we're attacked.
Tower: Enemy jets!
Base: Command, this is base, we are attacked by 4, maybe 5 enemy jets, what are our instructions?
Command: Defend base at all costs!
Base: Roger.

All ducked down, hiding bellow our chopper, we watched enemy jets crash down on our very own airstrip. We felt useless, and just wanted to stay alive and for this attack to end. Some 2 minutes later, the attack ended...

Base: Command, Tower, we've got rid of the attack, all targets terminated.
Command: Good job base! Resupply and carry on with defense.

We felt a little bit at ease, our sarge approached.

Sarge: Charlie up!
All: Standed up.
Sarge: Are you all ok?
All: Yes sir!
Sarge: Good, stay alert, I will be going with our Hawk 2 to do a casevac, we had some casualties but the town is nearly taken, meantime, you stay prepared for just in case, and next time, find better cover.
All: Yes sir!

He ran away quickly and boarded Hawk 2, flew off to the east.

Still a bit shaken up from the attack, we tried to focus on our role, but then, something happened...

Tower: Secondaries!
Base: Tower, engage, don't let them pass!
Tower: Su25s!

I thought, this can't be good, those jets drop heavy bombs and almost never miss, me and my squad quickly hid in the nearby hangar.

Tower: S**t we need....(line snapped, and loud bangs were heard)
Base: Tower, give sitrep!
Base: Tower, give sitrep dam**t!
Base: Command, this is base, we have secondaries, we lost our Tower, we are going for the backup AA!
Command: Copy that, Base, we located an enemy radio tower and we need it shut down ASAP or those jets won't stop coming, give sitrep.
Base: Sitrep follows, we lost two men so far, our primary AA is down, and we are engaging those jets with our backup AA, Charlie is in nearby hangar, standing by for instructions.
Command: Take care of those jets and give sitrep when you're done.

After some 5 minutes, they managed to defend our base.

Base: Command, base, air clear!
Command: Roger that, good work, take care of the casualties and resupply, expect casevac Hawk 2 ready for treatments.
Base: Understood.
Command: Charlie, we have a task for you, sergeant is on the way to give more detail, stand by.

Finally we were to get some of the action. Hawk 2 landed with few Alpha and Bravo members wounded and for resupply, our sarge quickly came to us and said:

Sarge: Charlie, listen up! Command's got a location of the enemy radio tower, they say it's lightly guarded by a patrol of 3-4 men, you will board Hawk 1 and deploy!
Sarge: And by the. G! You are Charlie leader, was I clear?!
G: Yes sir!
Sarge: Good, welcome to the battlefields lads, this ain't gonna get any easier, so insert quickly and do your task well, your lead will give you the equipment.
Sarge: Good luck!

And so he ran off again. I was sorta struck by their decision to select me as Charlie leader, I was just a grunt learning, and my role was primarily AT/Engineer, but they had their decision and we had to respect it. As usual, Hopper would roll his mockery on, but I had to stand up as lead for the 1st time.

G: Listen up, Charlie, we are given a task and we have to do it well, it's our 1st and perhaps only chance to prove we can do stuff. Strike, take an SD rifle and 4 charges, Hopper, fetch lots of ammo and your MG, Sniffer, carry lots of bandages and smoke grenades, Panther, you carry one additional charge and your sniper. You all know your roles. Questions?
All: No questions, lets roll!
G: Roger, board that chopper!

A guy named Pike came after we boarded, he was our pilot. We took off, and command game him orders and location. After some 2-3 minutes, we landed, and it was dark, Pike took off after our insertion, I guess command needed him. I radioed our entry to the command and my squad was heading toward its objective.

After some 5 minutes of walking, and crossing some 1.5 clicks on foot we finally spotted that hill and the radio tower. In meantime our base repelled another air attack.

G: Panther, do you have visual on targets?
Panther: Negative, looks clear, like there's nobody on that hill.
Hopper: Ha, we're grunts for them, they sent us to take care of pile of metal...
Sniffer: As long I don't need to patch up your a** I'm fine.
All: Laughed hard.
G: Ok quiet, let's focus and end that tower, our guys at base are being attacked because of it.
Strike: I think I saw movement.
G: Where?
Strike, 3 O clock.

At that point a rabbit crossed our path, we had a good laugh, but who could have blamed him, it was pitch dark and it was only 5 of us in middle of nowhere.

We headed up slowly up that hill, lots of trees were present, and slowly our line of sight was getting shorter, but nothing seemed unusual.

(shot fired)
Panther: Contact!
Striker: Contacts!!
G: Open fire, open fire!

A rain of bullets was literally falling everywhere, we shot in all directions randomly, clearly, nobody could see the enemy well...

Sniffer: Man down, Hopper is injured! (he ran off to assist and patch up Hopper)
G: Suppress fire!
Strike, Panther: Suppressing!
Strike: G!
G: What?!
Strike: We're ambushed by over 20 guys!
Panther: Where do you see 20? I see only two on our 2 o clock.
Strike: They are just in front of us, Spetz!
G: Take cover!

At that point, Sniffer patched up Hopper, and all ducked behind the trees, we were surrounded by many enemy targets from all sides, well, that explains the rain of bullets. This lasted for some 5 maybe 10 minutes, and then the "rain" fire stopped.

Panther: I think we got em all.
G: Sitrep.
Panther: Clear here.
Strike: All clear.
Hopper and Sniffer: We're good here.
G: Anyone injured?
All: Negative.
G: Rally up.
All: Roger.

We regrouped and carefully headed toward the fallen enemy, it was like 20 bodies tightly strewn all over, special forces guys, they probably spotted us before we spotted them.

We proceeded slowly upwards. But then..

Panther: I think I hear something, like a truck or something coming from 12.
G: Roger, proceed with caution.
Panther: It's getting louder.
Hopper: I don't hear a thing.
G: O Sh*t
Striker: What's up G!?

(loud bang and fire lit up)

I quickly pulled out my SMAW launcher and blew BMP3 that was some 20 meters on our six ducked in trees and getting its aim adjusted.

G: Phew.
Hopper: G just saved our a**es!
Striker: well that was close.
G: Ok, move up.

We proceeded up toward that radio tower and finally sent it to hell. I radioed our command:

Charlie: Command, this is Charlie, objective completed.
Command: Good job Charlie, give sitrep.
Charlie: Around 20 enemy KIA 1 BMP3 blown up and 1 of our members slightly injured.

After a minute-two of silence.

Command: Roger that, Charlie, you did well, Hawk 3 is en-route to pick you up, you did well.
Charlie: Understood.

We headed to our LZ, boarded H3 and went back to our base. All of the members were clearly enjoying the victory...

Hopper: We kicked their a**es like a bunch of pros!
Panther: True that, but Sniffer saved yours.
Sniffer: Dead or alive leave no brother behind!
Strike: Alas to that!
G: Cut it boys we all did well.
Strike: I wonder what Alpha and Bravo have to say to that.
Sniffer: Yea, me too!
Panther: Who cares, we did our objective pretty damn bad**s style, right G?
G: Right Panther.
Hopper: I could use a beer now.
Strike: You know what Hopper, me too.
G: After what we did, I think we all deserve a pack of beers and some hot brunettes prancing!
Panther: F**k yeah!

(all continued laughing)

Arma 2, Retaking the Chernogorsk. Radio tower at Klen hill North entry, 82nd division clan's servers. Random players, approx 20 of us. My 2nd play in ArmA 2 multiplayer, and perhaps one of the most memorable of the moments in the game, I made some great friends that day. [/spoil]

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Ok lets get this started Wink

So... ive just finished training and here i am inside my F-15C standing on the runway with my wingman.

Im waiting for permission for takeoff, when the controller contacts me via radio to tell me im clear to takeoff. I accelerate down the runway and i takeoff!!!
Our mission is to patrol the surronding airspace due to some reports that russian fighters may try and shoot down our recon planes.

So here i am cruising the skies with my wingman towards the target area, when some MIG's (around 6 or 7) pop up in the radar!!!
So i say this to my wingman: "Dude, lets pretend we're noobs, they might be low on ammo!!!" (well, i didnt really said this but you get the point Dirol )

At this point they are at 19 miles south from us, and almost engagement range. they split up in 2 groups, one group decreases altitude and the other starts to climb, in an attempt to strike from 2 fronts.


So i add full throttle and pull the stick!!! i climb over them just in time to a radar lock!! I fire an AIM-120: "FOX 1" and later "SPLASH 1, HE'S DOWN!!!" My wingman, locks another MIG and fires: "SPLASH 2". We had 2 Migs down, and no casualties until now!! But i get locked and my ECWS goes crazy!!! My mate screams " CHECK YOUR 6!!! CHECK YOUR GODDAMN 6!!! Blum 3 "

He fires and in that moment i try some evasive maneuvers and deploy some flares but russian hardware is too much for me, the missile hits me and i eject!!! :cry:

when Im in my way down i still see my mate getting shot out of the sky by 2 enemys on his tail :roll: :roll:

Oh well i guess we cant win them all!!! Wink


Ill be waiting for your stories!!! BiggrinBiggrin


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That's a good one Xfactor Biggrin

LockOn the 1st in the series was epic, I still have a copy of it, and it was sort of better than the FC1 and FC2, kinda makes me think about reinstalling the series Blum 3

By the way, I forgot to mention some of the details about the story I posted, it was CO-OP in Domination map (don't remember the version though)

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