Short Leave of Abense

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Short Leave of Abense

July 29th through August 5th I will likly be on leave, the Boss is going on a cruise and some one needs to dog/house sit. I'm not sure if Ma will allow me to ask him for Wifi access, or if he'd grant it (He's an IT) but I'll have my laptop with me and I'm not sure how much time a day we will spend there when not at work. I can't say if I'll be around the forums any.

Since my checklist is:

Secure SSH keys. (Remote login thing)
Encrypt or remove my homes WLAN data
Clear out tmp files and setup tmp file storage in dynamic memory.
Remove auto-login at boot
Transfer all none essential system backups to desktop or encrypt on flash drive
Encrypt my local mailboxes (on flash drive) in case of loss/theft.
Secure all addons: adapter/charger, flash drive, and Wifi card (if W-AP avail.)
Pack a roll of paper towels
Bring lots of sprite
Fetch more shakespeare scripts
Pile in a few programming references
Sort out a few good books

Yall might want to consider my AWOL on the 28th and OL (On Leave) the 29th and onwards.

It's the first time I'll ever have taken my laptop out the door, so I want to secure it just in case. I Just hope no one chews on it because "Leo" (one of 7 dogs) is a huge dog who can nab things off the kitchen counter and bar table ! So I probably don't need to worry about it getting stolen, so much as having to electro-tape my adaptor like my bosses hehe.

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Thanks for the heads up, have fun House/Dog sitting...

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Well ... good luck and try to have some fun ...

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Oh trust me, if I've got Dixie, my trust PC-BSD Laptop I'll have fun.

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