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Sergeant Jakub

G’day Recruits and young troopers.

I'm sure many of you have noticed my return and I'm willing to bet that many more of you are wondering “who the hell is he and why is he a Sgt” So let me fill in the gaps.

I joined the [SAS] some 4 – 5 odd years ago, there are no accurate dates for members serving longer then two years because those records were not kept.

I had the great honor and pleasure to play with the founding members of the regiment and many great legends since.

Our game of choice back then was SWAT 3 and our aim was realism and fun!

Over the years I reached Sergeant and because real life took over and we left SWAT 3 for other games I could not commit to the regiment and so I left.

Always checking back though because I could never totally let go! And for that reason I return!

I am part of the old school and I go by the old ways, respect in rank, aiming to be the best and brining honor to the regiment! Everyone gets there say and opinion and everyone gets a fair go. But of course we are all here to have fun!

I hope I get the pleasure of playing with you all and sharing a laugh. However before that day comes id still like to get to know you all and let you guys know that I'm here to help you on your journey to being part of more then a “clan”, it’s a unit of mates who are proud of what they do and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

So give us a buzz on aim or on msn!

Train Hard – Fight Easy!

Your Sergeant


Train Hard - Fight Easy

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Welcome Back Jakub

Someone else to take Stag off me. Im fine, but 7 nights a week for 2 years kinda hurts.
Kick some ass m8

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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Don't forget about X-Fire, it's very popular (and seemingly [SAS] standard issue).

I hope our Rct's don't pass out from the PT, but I think they'll enjoy the tactical ops Smile

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Hello Sgt.

Trooper Ghost Reporting for duty.

This trooper is ready for some advanced training. To get me to the next level in this game. Because right now I train easy and fight hard.


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Nice to meet you. I have been playing RVS on TG1 for about 9 months.

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Hey Jacub

Nice to have you here again. Im looking forward to getting to know you better on the servers.

Welcome back. Huja.