[SAS] TeamSpeak Server Access.

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[SAS] TeamSpeak Server Access.

Greetings to [SAS] Friends and Visitors...

The [SAS] Organization has elected to LOCK our TS server with a password.

Access to the TS server will from this day forward be by invite only. Please do not request permission to have access. [SAS] Members will deside who gets access, and when.

Visitors Identified as a 'Possible Recruit' will be contacted by a [SAS] Member and provided the TS IP and Password using the email address provided in your application for membership.

If you are provided the TS IP and PW... they are given as a matter of trust... they are given to you alone. They are for your personal use and you are not permitted to 'share' that information with anyone, ever.

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From the 30th of this month

The TS ip will not work.

For a short while, we will be using our spare server. Its access is set the same as normal TS, except your accounts will not work. If you require special access as per normal, please see a member, or higher rank, they will do their best to set you up, at the appropriate level.

The Temp ip is :

This is for maintenance on the current TS server


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