The sad truth about RvS and S4

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The sad truth about RvS and S4

Today while spectating, I saw a tango fleeing the element -- who got shot, ran about 6 or 7 metres and then started to limp away.

I was playing SWAT 4 at the time and spotted a Raven Shield bug Wink

For anyone who might still think the games have any *big* differences, in 4 years I have only noticed *one* big difference - there are no floating guns in SWAT 4,and that's about it lol.

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for RVS players like me its actually pretty hard to play SWAT4 so i don't really pay attention to any bugs, i just try to learn as fast as i can.

i have realized that when u throw a FB or Gas that it stops short its not a bug but it is disappointing when it does.

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