RvS Dedicated Server problems

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RvS Dedicated Server problems

hi guys... i just wanna ask if y does it always go to command prompt if i started/created a game with DEDICATED SERVER enabled? Question ty

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0/ servers usually don't require GUIs for much, let along output to the user.

1/ true servers usually run without a desktop interface (Microsoft heading this way as well, so it seems)

2/ dedicated server output messages should go to a LOG file.

3/ RvS/SWAT4 log messages to stdout and a log file

4/ running things like a full screen game would be contrary to the fact that multitasking operating systems running on server machines can often handle many server processes (e.g. as many servers as you've got bandwidth).

5/ the systray icon provided by swat4 allows one to use the 'preferences' system to change server settings which take effect on next map load.

6/ most (useful) RvS/S4 server configuration is done by editing files, not using a GUI or 'on the fly' by game admins (very restrictive in SWAT4).

7/ DEDICATED server is a 'serve only' process so there is no need to run the game client when hosting, since the server machine is not playing on the server process -- just running the show.

8/ running the game client just to host a dedicated server would waste valuable resources better spent on hosting more services.