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RSM Checking in

Hi SAS and Friends,

A big hello from the sandbox !

This morning its a nice day sun is shining with a little cloud cover. Just getting a little break so im taking full advantage of the rest at the moment. Past few months have been very busy. Keeping busy is the name of the game around here. Things are moving forward and i get a small 2 week leave coming up soon so i will see if i can get in some gaming as its feels like a long time since i was present on the servers.

I hope all NCOs are training the recruits and getting them finely tuned. SNCOs i hope your all keeping the SC running smoothly. I wish i could be there on the servers.

Here is home at the moment in a sick kinda way lol but hey it happens. Except the chicks are not in anyway attractive. I fear that give it a couple more months and they will start looking like beyonce. Scary thought there. lol

Anyway im gonna head out make a brew and get my head down.

See you soon

Remember RSMs are always watching ! I want those recruits sorted !


Head of Recruitment & Tactical Training

GCHQ - 22nd SAS Elite Virtual Regiment

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Stay safe and see you soon.

DUKE, Germany

"What's the plan?
Track'em, find'em, kill'em!"

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Check your six and always use the strong side of the door Smile

IMAGE( aka Slack911, yamaraion, M827_CSM_COUGAR,Cougar]

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Hey There Snipar

Good to hear that you are ind "Sandland" earning your pay. Just keep that ugly head of yours down then you go arround out there. Hope to catch a game with you when you get home again...I just mist you I got home again at the end of aug from the hell zone.

And yes I am still ok.

Stay safe man

From you brother in arms from Denmark


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My name is Corgi, Still interested in Raven Shield SWAT 4 and SWAT 3. Will start from the bottom. Just checking in. Ambitions never change, I wish to be serving soon.