A return to RvS, possibly?

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A return to RvS, possibly?

Wow... this account still exists. Hello everybody!

I'd love to return to RvS and the SAS servers if you guys are ever on. Everytime I look, no one is playing though.

However, I'm having a major issue with the game. There seems to be a disconnection between the current ubi.com logins and the IDs used for the game. I have tried to register a new account there and use it in-game, but to no avail.

It seems a few people have had this problem, but a solution was never found.
No, I don't have a firewall that could be blocking the connection, yes my client is patched to 1.60.

Any help will be appreciated!

EDIT: I should note the error I'm getting in-game is "USER ID NOT REGISTERED".
This happens for anything put in, including my ubi.com account name. It seems to me that something isn't being contacted correctly. Port forwarding does nothing for me, and I have no firewall to configure.

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ASIM had the same problem so i gave him an account that i made when i thought my old account wasn't working, now his RVS works but he doesn't seem to use it.

If u ask him he might give you the account.

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It would be much appreciated. However, the problem I see with it is that the game reports any and all IDs as not being registered. It does not tell me "Invalid Password" or "ID already in use". Just not registered. I have a feeling it is a connection problem.

The research I've done reveals two types of posts: either posts attacking the OP for the particulars (people that had the game and lost it, downloaded the ISO, and then ran into this problem, so all of the replies attack him for downloading the ISO instead of solving the problem), or I read things about the GSRouters.dat file. I've changed the GSRouters.dat file to the version that everyone seems to recommend, but to no avail.

This copy is an OEM version obtained through my soundcard purchase. I still have the key; that isn't the issue.
tcpdump reveals that my computer is indeed trying to contact the servers in the GSRouters.dat file, but I still am not able to log in. I wonder if the servers I have are different from those of you that are able to play.

Thank you, and any and all help is appreciated!

EDIT: My GSRouters.dat:

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Most gsrouters problem should be fixable by deleting the file, the game will ensure it's creation at next run (or pop a cork).

A works perfectly for me GSRouters.dat:

[Servers] RouterIP0=gsarouter02.gs.mdc.ubisoft.com RouterPort0=40000 RouterLauncherPort0=40005 CDKeyServerIP0=gsxcdkey02.gs.mdc.ubisoft.com CDKeyServerPort0=44000 CDKeyServerIP1=gsxcdkey01.gs.mdc.ubisoft.com CDKeyServerPort1=44000

You might take a look at R6GameService.R6GSServers in RavenShield.ini, among 'other things' this section of the file exposes class members, including UBI.COM login name and password in plain text. Your m_szGSVersion should be at least 412. Depending on your 'experience', your understanding of other fields may make more or less sense.

Since (assumable) your login works with the ubi site, you might try installing, updating, and testing the match making software they shottyly include with the installation images: and see if that displays the same problems as RvS.

This copy is an OEM version obtained through my soundcard purchase. I still have the key; that isn't the issue.

My copy is an OEM version that came with my brothers Sound Blaster Live! Value - crappy card and game, lol.