Report of a problem between Teamspeak3 and Win7

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Report of a problem between Teamspeak3 and Win7

( i used TS2 few years ago with no problem with my old pc engine as many players do)
I newly installed TS3 last week, but when I try to open TS3.exe, it fails and said "A referral was returned from the server"
I cannot solve this for few days until I serch this statement on google.
2 methods are suggested,
1. turn off the uiAccess (UAC), (but it would raise the risk of virus inection)
2. make several appropriate verifications between TS3 and win7/ winXP.

I choose #1 as i don't know how to do no2 although no2 is more recommended and safe.

And finally #1 works well and TS3 tested, no problem uptil now.

Specially thanks Duke, Flash and many other friends for giving me valuable advices and assistance. Blum 3

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First thing I do every time I install (or reinstall) a recent Windows iteration is to turn UAC off. It causes more problems than solutions, in my opinion, especially when you're trying to run certain applications. Granted, I've never tried living with the thing on for a long period of time, I'm sure that would be a "humbling" experience. Glad to see you finally turned it off, Bosco.

If you like getting a pop up every time something runs, keep your UAC on, else take a chance and get an antivirus. So far, the latter has served me well.

EDIT: After skimming the matter on the net, it seems that UAC in Win 7 is less intrusive. Still, I used Vista for a while, and the bitter taste of its UAC prevails... :? .