Replace x-fire with GSC

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Replace x-fire with GSC

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This I have to download and check out. Tierd of all the problems with xfire now

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I've bumped into before off Google but I wasn't aware of it having access to In Game Chat. It always struck me as a Game Server Browser / VoIP focused client more so then an Instant Messenger.

I've always wanted to download it to test her out but was not in the mood to test pre-release software. I see right now it's got it's 1.0 Release Candidate so that means it's almost ready op. If they don't have any major show-stoppers the release shouldn't be to much different then this.

I know they were interested in experienced C++ QT/Windows programmers at some point but I think those are kind of hard to find since the Commercial version was the only QT available on Windows until QT4/Windows and QT Commercial Licenses cost an arm and a leg xD Unlike the Open Source Editions for *nix (qt1-4), and the new OSE for Windows (qt4 only).

My laptop has QT3/X11 and QT4/Windows Open Source Editions installed but I rarely use them for more then running QT programs.

Thanks for the reminder Baroness Smile