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Red Vs. Blue

I don't know how many of you play Halo, but a friend of mine introduced me to this. It's a series of movies made by a small production company called Rooster Teeth. The movies are all made from gameplay footage, and there are voice actors playing characters.

I almost died laughing when I saw some of these, and I hope you enjoy the extensive sarcasm as much as I did.

This is the homepage of the company, with a forum page that lists all the episodes from the first three seasons. ENJOY!!

Take some time to watch these, you won't be disappointed...

EDIT: En4cer reminded me of this... I should mention that the videos contain language that many younger viewers (or more specifically parents) would find inappropriate. If you're over 18 or go to public school, you should be fine... Wink


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will do.........later

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Well I must say.. neat movies... but I would warn those with yound kids... some of the music is not suitable for younger audiences.

Check these out in private before young people listen.... FYI.

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I know one of my friends watches those.

I only like Halo for it's single player. Online If I play I ether kick butt and have to resist cussing me team out for being tacticly minded as potatos about how to CTF. Or I get owned while I'm board.

I remember on X-Play a vid of Halo 2 gamers. Was utterly sick and discussing but funny as heck. - True to life though.

Thanks for the headsup, after all this is a public forum. - Even if parants give M rated games to whiny 10 year olds....