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Ranking System

why is Rct=Recruit the lowest ranking in SAS why not use Pto=Petty Officer or Sld=Soldier for the lowest rank i'm not saying the ranking system is bad in fact it's really good, i just want to know why Rct.

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My guess is *don't quote me on this* is that like in the real Military, you have to be a Rct and go through training before you can be called a "soldier". *Just like SAS does, you get Rct status, then you have to complete the training things and get scored*

And if I am not mistaken, I believe trooper status is right above recruit, which would be like soldier *Maybe Trooper is what they use in UK for Soldier? and since SAS is the British SF, that makes sense to me*

Hope this helps, if any SAS member/mod/admin sees a problem with the info given here, feel free to correct me! I'd like to know as well.

Thanks Dirol

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Re: Ranking System

Recruit is a probational status for people going through the Selection Course: if they pass then they become Trp=Trooper and full members.

I'm not familiar with the Royal Navy, but I doubt the Army has Petty Officers or a rank of Soldier.

I generally consider Trooper to be the lowest rank in SAS: since it is the lowest rank of a full member, but I'm a hyper-technical kind of guy at times Wink