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Project Entropia

I just wondered whether anybody here has played Project Entropia, and is it any good? (

I was thinking it could be a good experiment to see if I could make any money in it. I have played RuneScape ( before and found some smart ways to make lots of dosh very quickly using only trading, but there is no way to get real money out of it. With Project Entropia you can withdraw game money to real money.

Has anybody here played it?

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I have played it but only for a short while. to answer your question it is a good game to play but in order to make money in the game you have to invest some money into it(doing this by credit card is the best way cause the company they use takes some of the money you send if you send it by mail) If you know what your doing you can get by by only putting 10 dollars into it. Making alot of money is very hard to do you will need to play it alot and need to be very lucky.

Back a couple years ago a guy bought his own private island in the game for $26,000 US. I dont know about you i wouldn't spend $26,000 on video game pixels.

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I read on BBC that the guy who purchased that virtual island has recouped his money. He has sold various plots for other people to build homes on. He also taxes people that want to visit the island for tourism, treasure hunting, whatever. Their is another guy who bought some kind of space station. He plans to turn it into a virtual night club. That is some wild stuff.