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No, not on the forums, errr.

I got an opurtunity to participate in a FATS program. For those of you who don't know what FATS is, its a Fire Arms Training Simulator, Cops use it for well, read the four words I just said. Anyway, got a 100% on it. Excellent use of negotians before the fact, excellent verb usage, and volume control (meaning yell when you must), and the final part, plugging the bas***d in between the eyes when he tried to kill the baby. Maybe he'll think more clearly eh? Anyway, I'll congratulate myself, POST!!! baby.

Oh yeah, heres something to lift your spirits if you just got killed in RvS or something.
Raises mine...a little bit.
BTW, why are all of my avatars not working? All I can use is this annoyed face. Which, ironically suits me (so I hear).

I cannot fathom that the Lord has blessed us with logic and rationality and have us forgo their use.

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For a sec I thought you ment Power On Self Test ^_^


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All I can use is this annoyed face. Which, ironically suits me (so I hear).

Lol Lol Lol hahaha yes it represents you after some games of SWAT4 with me!

"Godo godo!" Lazko and his typoes image size exceeded -- click to view

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Haha, I like the song it cheered me up after I got pegged between the eyes while trying to save a hostage!