PayDay: The Heist

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Last seen: 10 years 11 months ago
PayDay: The Heist

Hey guys,

this here is a quite nice game.
You could compare it with "Left 4 Dead", you fight against police superiority and have to get your way out of bank robbery, diamond stealing et cetera...
You get new weapons and upgrades with getting better reputation.
There are kits like "medbags" or "extra ammo", always four man fighting.
Sometimes quite thrilling, may check it out. Smile

Cheers, Elite

Last seen: 11 years 1 week ago

I play it for some time, not a bad game to "relax" XD, i like the tactical entries from Swat cool and realistic tho.

Last seen: 11 years 3 months ago

Looks like another action oriented shooter, but at least, it drives away from the military theme!!! Twisted
With some decent teamwork, this game could be really fun!! Biggrin