"pagefile optimization"

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"pagefile optimization"

This was posted by Carl Houseman, an Admin Moderator for Windows XP issues.
I did what he recommended, and everything does seem to load faster, even the Internet.
I had my page file set to 768, which is 1 1/2 my memory(512MB), I went ahead and set it to 1024(2x my mem, as he suggested)
To locate the page file:
Control Panel, Advanced, Performance[Settings], Advanced, Virtual Memory[Change] When you enter here, always click the [Set] button, then you will click OK twice.

To clear out Temp folders, use a program like CCleaner v 1.26.218:
website: http://www.ccleaner.com/
To defragment you can use the XP defragmenter: My Computer, right click your hard-drive, click Properties, Tools, [Defragment Now] or the only free defragmenter that I know of that lets you defrag on the fly, Buzzsaw:
website: http://www.dirms.com/home/homepage.asp
If you use Buzzsaw, download the Power Defragmenter GUI, then it is windows based, no entering into dos, a window comes up and gives you choices, Programs, Files, Whole Disk, and a quick whole disk.
website: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Power_Defragmenter/1110989780/1
The Dirms will defrag in the background, however, supposedly Diskeeper Lite 10 is suppose to be the best(free)
website: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/682-diskeeper-lite.html

Anway, it was the best 20 mins I've spent on my computer in a while

Prerequisite: at least 256MB of RAM.

All of the following applies to "the drive where the pagefile normally resides":

1. Clean up temp folders, temporary internet files, delete any other large collections of unimportant files you don't require.

2. Set "no paging file". (You don't need a pagefile to continue, but if you like you may temporarily establish a pagefile on another drive if one is available.)

3. Boot into safe mode.

4. Defrag the drive. If you have time, repeat the defrag for a slightly better result.

5. Still in safe mode, re-establish the pagefile as "Custom size" and make the initial and maximum the same value.

Suggested initial/max values:
256MB RAM: 768 MB
512MB RAM: 1024 MB
768MB RAM: 1536 MB
1024MB RAM: 2048 MB

6. Reboot to normal mode.

Result: your pagefile is defragmented and will never become fragmented.

Yes, there are "pagefile defrag" routines out there, but if your hard disk is too fragmented the result may not be as optimized. Plus, you get a better overall defrag by running it in safe mode with the pagefile out of the way.


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Hmmm might have to try that, this windows machine is oh most as slow as the old old one with PC-BSD instead of Windows.

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