"Out of Memory" and "Are You a Survivor"

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"Out of Memory" and "Are You a Survivor"

Both of these are out of WXPNews, free weekly newsletter.

"Out of Memory" Error Even When You Have Plenty of Available Memory

You can't always believe everything Windows tells you. Sometimes if you have lots of Windows programs running, you may get an "out of memory" message even though there's plenty of physical and virtual memory available. It can affect any OS from NT 3.1 to XP/Server 2003. It happens because the desktop heap is depleted, but you can edit the registry to increase the size of the desktop heap. For instructions on how to do so, see KB article 126962:
If you use this, BACK-UP THE REGISTRY

Are You a Survivor?

Some good info for certain situations, like falling in cold water or caught in an avalanche

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