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Opera lover

No, Rasa ... this is not about opera, but Opera.

I have had a malware attack on my puter, and a lot of hazzle with IE7. So I chose to dl Opera, which is actually made just up the street from where I live.

I am VERY satisfied. Anyone else using Opera?


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Well if anyone has or is, I'll bet Spidey is one of em. Biggrin 8O Biggrin

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Hardy har har Blum 3

I used to use Opera on my laptop for a very long time, the tabbed browsing support is exellent in most versions and it's friendly to keyboard control. Very important for a laptop user Smile
I've had some icomplants about the native windows version but opera runs on near any thing and quite good. They support anumber of OSes, keep it up to date, have good standards complience, love the bookmark/tab support and I'm VERY happy using opera.

Operas more standard complient then IE/FF but lacks in one department I can't overlook - No FTP client. You can't upload files to imageshack or rapidshare with it :@ Other then that it's a world class browser IMHO and should do w/e you need. I've never used it's E-Mail or IRC clients but I know some swear by Opera. Some nice Widgets are available tooo. From mobile phones to the Nintendo Wii let's all have a good time at the grand old Opera !

Muhauhauahauhaua ok I'll go sit down now >_>

I have expirence with:

Internet Explorer 5-6
Mozilla Firefox 1.x
Opera 8.5~9.01
Konqueror 3.5.x
Seamonkey stable
Lynx 2.8.x
Links (text+images)

and thats just a hand full of web browsers in the world.

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ooh did Spidey just say he has had dealings with a seamonkey?

ooer missus..titter ye not

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