3.2 released with Office 2k7 format support

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Last seen: 4 years 8 months ago 3.2 released with Office 2k7 format support

It seems that the new version of ( now has support for Microsofts horrendus new formats in Office 2007+, and without getting to deep in bed with Novel. is the office suite I've reccomended for years, to people needing to open office files without wanting to spend massive amounts of cash ( is free+open source). Anyone using it ought to upgrade, since we can't LART all the Office 2007 users out there. I stopped relying on Word processors many years ago in favour of much superior ways, so I can't say how well the support is, but it should be workable.

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Tell us, Spidey, what DO you use instead of a WP?

I agree, there are a lot of free, open source applications out there that are as good or better than M$ overpriced software.

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When plain text is not _sufficiant_ for the task at hand, I typeset documents using whatever system I feel like, and is most appropriate for the subject matter: LaTeX, Rst, DocBook, POD, troff, or HTML webpages. I also have XSL stylesheets that can produce Forum posts and blog entries from a DocBook XML file, which can already be used to generate PDFs, manuals, books, webpages, etc in it's own right.

The way I do things, has proven to be exponentially more effective, and considerably more vertisle then what software such as Microsoft Word or's SWriter, is or is ever capable of doing. From roughly 2001-2004, I used word processors like most addicts use their cell phones, and when you use software that much, using better tools is a major incentive to learn a few trivial things. At least if like me, you like to get your crap done and move on with your life, rather then cursing at the computer ^_^.

When one is stuck using a local office suite, KOffice, Microsoft Office, and are the best you can get. The big problem is MS Office costs an arm and a leg, in some countries it costs both arms and a leg! Last time I routinely used (1.x), it was almost as good as Microsoft's offerings, except for document templates and tasks where you shouldn't be using these kind of programs to start with lol. (E.g. using Excel instead of proper accounting or bookkeeping software, or better yet, hiring a professional.)

For folks that didn't get a full edition of MS Office included with your computer (rather then a stupid trial version), downloading is a good way to save a small fortune, and it beats the socks off "Microsoft Works". That's why I've reccomended it to people for the last 6 or 7 years. Actually, I could almost buy a new computer for the version of MS Office that compares to that's kind of sad.

Most of the people that I meet, are totally clueless when they encounter office files they can't open, so freely available commerical grade software is an easier reccomendation for me to make, then a MS product that costs on par with their car insurances deductable Twisted .